I’m with Judge Jeanine


I know I’ve said it before, but it needs to be said often. I’m sick and tired of the Republican Party, mostly on the federal level.

The Republican Party takes advantage of pro-lifers and conservatives, and nowadays, they are anything but conservative. I actually have to wonder whom they represent. Let’s look at what they’re supposed to stand for:

Family values – Yeah, right.

Pro-Life – Stopping Planned Parenthood is not my idea of being pro-life.

Fiscally conservative – Yeah, right.

Overall it comes down to this. I like most Republicans and I prefer the Republican Party. I just don’t like the Republican Party elite. I believe the party has become weak and self-serving, and much less conservative over the years.

I like representatives like Ted Cruz. He’s not even a Republican, if you were to look at the definition of Republican based on the representatives we see today. Ted Cruz is a conservative. He’s a good man with family values and understands abortion is wrong. How can you tell he doesn’t fit into the Republican elite? Because they’re doing everything in their power to make sure he doesn’t get the nomination as president of the United States.

This will change. Donald Trump has pulled ahead in the race, and Marco Rubio, the token establishment Republican, is far behind, and he’s not going to catch up. There’s no way that the Republican Party would support Donald Trump as a leader, so their next in line, even though he’s not an establishment lackey, is Ted Cruz.

Anyway, more on this another day. In the meantime, Judge Jeanine says there’s an insurrection coming, and “Mitt Romney has just proved it.”