Video – Ted Cruz – Defend the Right to Life

Ted Cruz takes a few minutes to explain to us how he feels about abortion. I have to admit, he has some powerful statements, but I’ve said it before, talk is cheap.

No Republican president since Roe vs Wade has done anything to end abortion. George W. Bush had a Republican Congress, yet nothing was done to end abortion. Again, talk is cheap.

Ted Cruz brings up Ronald Reagan, another president who made many promises, but never delivered.

Ted Cruz sounds like a great candidate. This time around, we have a number of Republicans who are running for president who would be good leaders to represent the pre-born / unborn, if all they had to do was talk about abortion.

We have to do two things. One, vote for for pro-life representatives, at least people who claim they are pro-life. Two, after they are elected, we have to demand they do what they promised they were going to do. We can’t just push the button and walk away.