Europe facing a new normal

As the left-wing leaders in Europe pack the countries with Muslims, they are facing a new normal. It looks like this:


As usual, before I get started, I have to say, I am not opposed to legal immigration and I don’t have any anger, animosity or bitter feelings against people from other countries. Regardless of what color you are, or where you come from, We are all brothers and sisters on God’s green earth.

Next, I’m not trying to say that all Muslims are terrorists, but as we have seen, history shows that countless thousands of them rape, stab and kill countless people EVERY YEAR. All in the name of Allah.

After the Paris attack last week, Europeans are living in fear.

“Empty streets and shuttered shops in tense Brussels,”

…is just one example of the panic Europeans are feeling right now.

Germany experienced a terror threat on a soccer stadium and had to cancel the game, and countless Jews are being stabbed and injured or killed in Israel.

People all over the world are starting to understand, that even though there are many peaceful Muslims, there are also many radical Muslims, who believe Allah is telling them to rape, torture and kill.

I remember an interview I heard a few years ago with a prominent Muslim leader. He was angry that so many people around the world profiled Muslims, accusing them all being terrorists.

The talkshow host asked him “Okay, so you tell me, what percent of Muslims in the world do you believe are radical Muslims?” The Muslim leader responded ” approximately 1%.”

With that answer, the talkshow host absolutely freaked out! He said “wait a minute, 1%? If there are 1.6 billion Muslims, that means 16 million of them are radical Islamists!

This website gives a much lower estimate, but still, over one million.

That’s a lot of “radical” Islamic, people who will rape, torture and kill anyone, including children, women and civilians.

It doesn’t end there though.

A pew research poll shows:

“The higher levels of support for suicide bombing seen among young American Muslims resembles patterns found among Muslims in Europe, where Muslims also constitute a minority population. In Great Britain, France and Germany, Muslims under the age of 30 are consistently the least likely to say that suicide bombing is never justified.”

A steady stream of Muslims, heading for the western world.

Don’t you think it’s odd that millions of Muslims are running away from Muslim countries, heading for Western nations? And why are they running? Because Muslim nations are either hundreds of years behind the times, or they are violent and dangerous!.

Before I move forward, let’s look at the exceptions. We have Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. There is no radical, Islamist violence in those countries, because, for one, they are paying the Islamists to attack Western nations. Two, no one would dare to attack wealthy Islamist countries, because they and / or their families would be brutally tortured and killed. Three, I believe, most Islamic aggression is against Israel and their supporters.

A question that has to be repeatedly asked, why aren’t the millions of Islamic “refugees” going to these wealthy Muslim countries? Because “without a visa, Syrians are not currently allowed to enter Arab countries.”

Really? How do you like them apples? Western nations are forced to receive illegals or be condemned as being intolerant, yet Gulf nations have strict immigration policies which prevent this from happening.  

One thing I believe is guaranteed, more Muslims in Western lands will result in more violence against non-Muslims. Not only that, unlike western civilizations today, Muslims have many children. The average Western Country can’t even replenish their population. Abortion and birth are used by selfish people, who want to maximize what they have without being forced to provide for others.

On one hand, Liberal/Democrat leaders of all countries push for masses immigration because they know those immigrants will vote for liberal/Democrat politicians. On the other hand, people are convinced that bringing in foreigners will help fill the ranks of workers which are needed to pay for the social welfare of the retiring elderly. The problem is, the foreigners aren’t experienced enough to work in higher-paying jobs, and, worst of all, many, if not most, don’t even want to work!

A recent study showed that out of the 1.5 million migrants that have flowed into Germany in the last year, 80% of them aren’t looking for work, they have their hands out.

European countries are facing a new normal. Because of Muslim “immigration,” they’re turning their houses into fortresses and they’re scared to be on the streets. It’s going to get a lot worse before/IF it ever gets better.

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