Do Republicans believe Americans come first? I think not.


Look at this this picture from American conservative. Doesn’t look like our borders are being protected?

In the wake of the Paris attacks where 129 people were slaughtered by Islamic jihadists, governors of states on our borders state claim they will close the borders to Syrian refugees.

The headline at PJ media reads:

“States Slam Doors on Syrian Refugees”

Really? My question is, how are you going to close the “doors on Syrian refugees” and not on everyone else? Why are you picking on Syrian refugees?

Here’s what they’re not telling you. All these Republican governors are doing is blocking Obama’s import of 10,000 refugees. They have done nothing to close our borders. Let me repeat:

Republicans have never done anything to close our borders!

These pretend fences they put up here and there do nothing, and there are no troops actively engaged in stopping terrorists at the border. If you are Johnny Jihadi, come on in, Democrats and Republicans have put out a welcome mat!

You know why Republicans have kept the borders open all these years, they want cheap labor, and big business is all too willing to pay them money to keep minimum-wage as low as possible, as long as possible.

Of course Democrats want millions of illegals in America, because they know those illegals will one day become American citizens, and, of course, 85% of them will vote Democrat!

Unfortunately, PJ media and many other establishment Republicans won’t call them on it. The disingenuous statement that Republicans “have closed their states’ borders to Syrian refugees” is absolute nonsense.

Some say there are at least 30 million, with others claiming 50 million illegals in the United States of America. The politically acceptable number is around 11 million, which is bad enough!

If our next president isn’t determined to end illegal immigration, America will cease to exist.

I will believe Republicans represent conservatives, and people with values in America, when they close our borders and end abortion. Until then, it is typical political talk. Just talk.

Even babies can babble.

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