Rush Limbaugh tells us how to “understand liberalism”


This quote has been attributed to Rush Limbaugh. I can’t find the original, only the following, which makes sense.

“Understand something about liberalism. They never stop until they get what they want, and when they get what they want, it’s never enough. That’s why it’s a constant thing to have to oppose them. You can’t join forces with them, you can’t moderate them, you can’t slow them down by joining them, you can’t make them like you and have them change their agenda. They have to be stopped.” ~ Rush Limbaugh

Republicans are no longer trying to “stop” Democrats, they are trying to negotiate with them. That is a failed agenda. Establishment Republicans who believe you can negotiate with Democrats need to be removed from office.

I got the previous quote and following statement from someone named Rush_fan from this Breitbart article.

“How can you compromise when Democrats insist on (1) increasing the debt, (2) abortion on demand, (3) stricter gun control laws, (4) increased confiscation of taxes on the “rich” so more can be redistributed to Democrat cronies such as unions and greenies, (5) increased regulation on business and individuals, (6) ignore immigration laws, open our border and give amnesty to illegals so they CAN VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS, (7) stop using fossil fuel, use green energy only, and redistribute billions and trillions of our taxpayer dollars to fight CLIMATE CHANGE, (8) bail out Democrat strongholds such as Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, etc who have racked up unsustainable debt due to mismanagement by giving them taxpayer dollars to prop them up, etc.).”

Many good points.

Democrats have never sought to negotiate. They pursue end-goals and don’t stop until they get what they want.

In my opinion, one of the most important things Republicans could have done in the last 42 years is end abortion, the slaughter of almost 60 million people in America. If you pay any attention to politics at all, you know, federal Republicans have done almost nothing to reach that goal. You wouldn’t even know it is one of their goals.

The Breitbart article points out how Mitt Romney laments the demise of the liberal media. Yep, you read that right, and Mitt Romney goes out of his way to attack conservatives whom he refers to as “insurgents” who prevent “collaborative action.”

Mitt Romney is truly an establishment Republican.

Another person who commented said:

“Take 2 glasses of water one muddy and the other clear and clean. Pour them together and what do you get. You get muddy water. There is no compromise with failed policies and principles.”

For too many years conservatives have been supporting muddy water. We have been forced to. My opinion?

Don’t do it anymore!

Vote for conservatives, and / or tell the establishment Republicans who want our votes, either defend human life with passion, and defend our conservative values, or you won’t get them!

The problem is, most establishment Republicans know they will get conservative votes because voters believe the alternative, a Democrat in office, is worse. I pray people realize a liberal Republican is just as bad as a Democrat. It just takes longer to lose what we believe in, but it still happens.


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