Open letter to “Creation Care” and Christians on “climate change”

In the past, I have supported an organization known as “Creation Care” in their efforts to reduce mercury pollution, since it was proven that one third of all babies were born with high levels of mercury in their blood. Today, I received a letter asking me to support their new effort, climate change. The email headline was titled “National Association of Evangelicals Issues Strong Resolution on Creation Care and Climate.” Click here to read the official statement.

This was my response:

I am sad to see Creation Care joining the political agenda of climate change. In the past, I was proud to support efforts to cut down on pollution, which we know is harmful or dangerous to people and unborn babies. Supporting political climate change is a step too far.

Countless billions of dollars are being thrown into the myth of climate change, pouring money into the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party is the party of abortion. Since 1973, 60 million people have been killed in the United States by abortion. Democrats fight hard every single day to make sure more babies can be killed. Christian leaders have no business working with Democrats. Abortion is the evil of our time, resulting in the death of over 40 million people every single year, killed by their mothers.

Over the last 30 years, the Democrats have tried to manufacture evidence of an earth that is being warmed by CO2 emissions. The problem is, CO2 does not precede temperature increases on earth, it follows them. The quack science supporting climate change is embarrassing. Intelligent Christians should be ashamed to follow this movement just because they want to reduce pollution.

To challenge pollution, Christians should stick with the facts, pollution is dangerous and it kills people. Riding the coattails of a political agenda of the Democrats, who are personally responsible for the death of perhaps 1 billion human beings on this planet, is morally wrong.

I have interviewed two scientists on this issue. John Casey was a former presidential advisor and Ben Davidson is a knowledgeable college graduate and scientist who produces daily material on the sun and earth. You can view my (audio) videos on YouTube at:

John Casey interview

Ben Davidson Interview

I have been studying the myth of climate change for quite some time, and I’m very familiar with factual issues regarding the earth and our climate. I welcome the opportunity to debate this with anyone.

So-called climate change scientists predicted countless calamities if the earth continued to rise. Some of them include:

– Increasing hurricanes – Myth, It has been 10 years since the last significant hurricane in the United States.
– Rising oceans – Myth, oceans have been rising at the same level hundreds of years.

There are many such examples.

If I told you the sun would not come up tomorrow, and it came up anyway, would you still believe in things that I said? Democrats have many such predictions that did not come true. Why do people still believe them? Because the media is made up of Democrats and they help promote the Democrat cause of climate change.

If we were heading into a global cooling phase, it would be 100× more dangerous than going into a global warming phase. More evidence shows the earth is getting colder, not warmer. The Antarctic ice is at the highest level ever, Arctic ice is growing, the Greenland snowpack is increasing and there are record cold temperatures being set around the earth on a regular basis.

As a matter of fact, there is so much evidence pointing to a potential mini ice age, that I predict Democrats will soon start saying we’re heading into this cooling BECAUSE OF climate change.

I’m looking for logic in this latest move. I would think “Creation Care” would put some serious effort into ending abortion, not saving Gaia, mother Earth.

I pray your organization finds wisdom and turns away from this Democrat political cause, and starts doing things to help save unborn human lives.


Peter Shinn
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