Democrats celebrate the burning of Planned Parenthood


You read that right, “Democrats celebrate the burning of Planned Parenthood.” Now, why would they do that? Because Democrats are angry, pro-abortion anti-conservatives.

Democrats don’t really care about the building, not as much as they enjoy the opportunity to point fingers at “violent pro-choicers,” people who don’t really exist, but they sure wish they did!

Let’s look at an article from the Daily Kos, a pro-abortion website. First of all, let’s look at the only factual item from the article:

WA State Planned Parenthood Clinic Burns, Fire Ruled Arson

Okay, that’s true, a Planned Parenthood clinic burned and the fire was ruled arson. Now let’s look at some of the lies :

“Stochastic terrorism wins again.  The forced birthers who crept up to a Planned Parenthood clinic in the wee hours of Friday morning and set it aflame were the epitome of the “lone wolf” in the definition of the term “stochastic terrorism.”  They’re the instrument, the weapon, wielded from afar by the real stochastic terrorists.”

This article, written by EyesBright, isn’t factual our even truthful. He/she has one purpose, discredit the peaceful pro-life moment, and use lots of hyperbole.

“The forced birthers?” who are these birthers? Of course we don’t know, because there are no suspects in the case. So if no one has been caught or has admitted burning the Planned Parenthood, why do they accuse anyone?

EyesBright ends that paragraph with “the real stochastic terrorists,” implying that pro-life Christians are terrorists. He them says:

Arson at a Planned Parenthood clinic is the predictable result of the “call to arms” that’s been the lead story on virtually every right wing media outlet and blog since the Operation Rescue-backed, forced birther group calling itself Center for Medical Progress publicly released their outrageously deceptively edited videos.  

“Call to arms?” Really? I’ve never seen a modern, Christian pro-life person or organization calling for people to pick up weapons and shoot anyone or bomb anything.

As a matter fact, I think it really drives pro-abortion Democrats insane that Christians aren’t out there shooting doctors and bombing abortion facilities every day.

And about the “outrageously deceptively edited videos.” Anyone who knows anything about those videos knows that at the exact same time that the “edited” videos were released, the complete videos were released as well. So why did they “edit” the videos? Well, everybody knows, you don’t just film something and upload it, you edit it before you do so! Every video which is prevent presented professionally is “selectively edited.” And, surprise, surprise, you edit the video to try to show people the point you’re trying to make!

EyesBright than links to multiple pro-abortion websites, implying “the fact that investigations in multiple states that have cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrong doing.”

Again, that is not a “fact.” Only investigations that were led by Democrats “have cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrong doing.” 

Democrats wish there was an attack on Planned Parenthood every day. They wish they could point to Christians as evil, violent people. But, it doesn’t happen.

Occasionally, a person does something against an abortionist or a Planned Parenthood facility. Those are the exception, not the rule, and the people who do it certainly aren’t part of the pro-life movement.

Let’s get to the real facts of the situation.

One) Nobody knows who caused the fire.

Two) Pro-abortion people always make it out as if pro-life people are violent, yet they are the ones who are the most violent. There are over 40 million abortions around the world every single year.

Three) Abortion is the intentional killing of a human being inside the womb, for any reason whatsoever, through all nine months of pregnancy, right up to the moment of delivery.

Democrats are violent and dangerous. They need to be voted out of office, and pro-life people need to do everything possible, peacefully, to make that happen.

There are 265 million Christians in the United States of America. If those Christians rose up against the horror of abortion, this would end tomorrow. Christians need to stop waiting for God to do the work they should be doing.

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