Watch “Whoopi Goldberg Questions Dr. Ben Carson on Women’s Issues | The View” on YouTube

Dr. Ben Carson defends the value of human life in the womb. Whoopi Goldberg, hard-core pro-abortion as usual, asks Dr. Carson “have you met with the women who have to make these horrendous decisions.”

You can be sure that when Whoopi says “horrendous decisions” she’s not talking about the killing of the child. Most likely, she’s talking about the pregnant woman not having a quality life because she’s saddled with a child she doesn’t want.

Whoopi talks about “bringing children into the world” as if it’s a dirty, inconvenient, horrible thing to do. She asks Dr. Carson if he’s “empathetic” to the women who “just can’t” do it. My opinion? Dr. Carson should have asked her the question “Are you empathetic to the children you are proposing should be killed by abortion?”

Dr. Carson does say “We’re killing babies all over the place,” and proudly defends human life in the womb. He deserves an A for standing up to the pro-abortion people on “The View.”

Good job Dr. Carson!