Be Christian or defend your family?


I’m not going to argue with Christian outreach, I get that. What people don’t understand is, many, if not most of these hundreds of thousands / millions, of “refugees” invading Europe are Muslims. Muslims want to imprint every country around the world with Islam. They aren’t interested in assimilating or becoming a part of the cultures of the different countries.

Almost all Muslims believe Islam and sharia law should be dominant over any religion, culture or legal system where they are living.

Today, in Walmart, USA, I saw a woman in a black Burka. 100% of her body was covered. You couldn’t see one piece of skin. Her husband and many more like him look forward to the day when sharia law becomes reality in America.

Anyone who’s been to France knows what I’m talking about.

Why should America & European nations abandon their culture and what they stand for by allowing in millions of refugees who will undoubtedly, completely, change their countries?

How many refugees has Saudi Arabia taken in? Zero. How many refugees has Quatar taken in? Zero. How many refugees have the United Arab Emirates taken in? Zero.

What made America great was that we allowed people from all countries to come to this great land and join in the “melting pot.” Unfortunately, thanks to Democrats & greedy Republicans, America is losing its foundation. In the last 50 years, 30+ million Latinos have poured in, illegally, and they aren’t assimilating. In the next one or two elections, Republicans will no longer be able to gain majority votes. They will never win a Presidential election again. Over time, the state and local elections will become Democrat dominant also.

Europe will feel that same pain, as liberal, left-leaning parties gain solid majorities, more than they already have.

Democrats have turned America into an abortion country, with over 60 million babies killed so far. With this new, massive Democrat-voting majority, it’s possible it will never end.

The United States is only one of five countries in the world that allows abortion after 24 weeks, all the way up to the moment of delivery.

Should citizens of the world fear Islam?

Last week, another 12 Christians had their heads cut off by Muslims. Since Mohammed brought his religion to the earth, roughly 270 million people have been slaughtered by Muslims.

Jesus challenges us to love and pray for our enemies, He’s not telling us to willfully put our children’s heads on the chopping blocks.

Am I supposed to be a Christian or a defender of my family? Of course the answer is both. I am also being Christian by defending my family, and innocent people, from people who wish to do us harm.