How the media use debates to eliminate candidates they don’t like


In the first debate, Fox News made it their goal to eliminate conservative candidates. Right out of the gate, Megyn Kelly let Donald Trump have it with both barrels. Her main attack with him was:

“Why are you such an evil pig to women? I wouldn’t elect you, if you were the last man standing on earth!”

Then, you could tell she was eagerly waiting for the moment when she could ask Governor Scott Walker:

“Are you really such an evil son-of-a-bitch, that you would let women die from not being able to have an abortion?”

Up until that point, I had some respect for Megyn Kelly. After that debate? Not so much. She showed that she is just another media hack who will try to take out whomever she disagrees with, pretending it’s for the good of mankind. She has way too much power.

Kelly had basically no effect on Donald Trump. If anything, she bolstered his numbers. But Governor Scott Walker? That was it for him. He polled fairly well before the debate, but afterward, it was the political graveyard for him.

Then came the CNN debates.

CNN spent 80% of their promo money on Trump, and then 80% of their time attacking him during the debate. A lot of people weren’t happy, including Democrats!

Right out of the gate, Jake Tapper basically asked every candidate to answer the question:

“Are you really gonna trust that lunatic, Donald Trump, with his finger on the nuclear trigger!?”

After that, with almost every single question, it was as if they were saying to one candidate:

“The other candidate says you’re a flaming idiot, what do you have to say about that?”

Then, they would just sit back, and you could see in their eyes, they were saying “fight, fight, fight!”

The CNN debate wasn’t just a ratings victory, probably pulling in more eyeballs than they’ve had in the last five years, (putting half of them to sleep) they promoted liberal Republican candidates, while bashing conservative candidates.

Here’s their lineup of “winners and losers”

The top four winners? Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie.

Okay, Carly’s not a liberal, but the rest of them? Not a conservative in the bunch!

Donald Trump and Kasich went up as unclear.

The rest? Well, they were all “losers.”

Here’s how they described Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz:

“They didn’t want to take on Trump and both revealed an unwillingness to engage their fellow candidates on key policy issues.”

Oh, so what you really mean is, since they didn’t want to be your puppets and attack other candidates, whom you were trying to goad them into attacking, they’re just losers.

  CNN may show Donald Trump as “unclear,” but their attack on him continues, and all of the negative pummeling he has taken from Fox and CNN is having an effect.

It’s funny they would put Jeb Bush and Chris Christie as “winners,” when both of them are barely polling enough to show a heartbeat.

And by the way, the Drudge poll shows the opposite! Those are hundreds of thousands of people pushing the buttons, not just a few left-wing nut jobs telling us who won or lost.

Here’s the thing. Why do we let Fox News and CNN host debates anyway? They’re both biased news entities. Fox hates conservatives and CNN hates anybody who’s a Republican, or not their chosen Democrat candidate.

All people are biased. Anybody who says they aren’t, well, they just proved they are.

What we ought to do is pick A town hall in a Democrat-controlled area for one debate and a town hall in a Republican-controlled area for another debate. Then, we pick individuals who are known for their points of view to be the moderators. We would have a Republican, a conservative, a socialist and a Democrat.

We are such suckers. We let “the media” host our debates, and they use the debates to pick our winners and losers for us. They want us to believe that we are picking the candidates, yet they’re the ones working hard to make certain candidates look good or bad, before, during and after the debates.

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