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Nick Kadylak @whammer1249 and I have been going back-and-forth on Twitter about various topics, including birth control and abortion. It has been a civil conversation and he is brought up some good points, but not all of my answers fit in 140 characters. His latest question is one of those.

Nick asked:

“If your living child needs a kidney transplant & you’re the only compatible match, you are NOT required to give your body, even if it means your kid will die, because NOBODY has a right to use your body without your consent,even to save their own life. Why should a fetus have the right to use your body without consent, when your living, breathing child does not?”

Another good question Nick.

No, we are not required to give our living children our body parts. People would certainly do so if they could, even if it meant they would die in the process.

“Why should a fetus have the right to use your body without consent?”

The first thing we have to establish is, do we, as intelligent, moral human beings have the right to create laws which affect other human beings? Certainly, the answer to that question is yes, we do. We have already done so all over the world.

If you kill someone you will go to jail. If you steal from someone, you will get punished and or go to jail. If you hurt someone, you will get punished and or go to jail.

Therefore, we agree, human beings have the right to impose punishment on other human beings who don’t follow the rules of civilization.

You might say, “What about abortion? It’s decriminalized, so what are you going to do about it?”

The only things a pro-life person can do are pray, educate others and work to change the law. Just because abortion has been decriminalized, doesn’t mean it is moral.

Consider slavery and civil rights abuses. It was legal to own, beat and kill slaves, but it wasn’t morally correct to do so. Society accepted civil rights abuses, but it wasn’t morally correct to do so.

How about child labor? What about women’s rights, Including their right to vote? 

What was the response to all of those questions? People rose up in defense of African-Americans, women and children. Laws were passed to protect them and defend them from immoral acts and immoral people.

People inside the womb need laws to protect them. A unique person is created at the moment of conception. People who believe in laws and human rights can’t deny that person’s right to live just because they don’t care about that person.

If you demand the right to kill unborn / pre-born people, those who can’t speak for themselves, then why should anyone have rights? Either we all have rights to exist as human beings or some are more special than others.

Which is it?

You often hear the argument “My body, my choice.” When there is another person involved, then it’s not just the woman’s body. We also have to consider the rights of the pre-born child.

I realize you will now drift into other topics, like rape, incest and health/life of the mother. So I will address those here as well.

First, health/life of the mother. A doctor’s job is to save human life. He should always do everything possible to save both lives. If, while he is trying to do so, the child dies, then it’s not his fault.

Over 500 physicians have signed a statement saying abortions are not necessary in modern society.

Rape/incest. Those vile crimes against women are evil and immoral, but the question is, why would you commit another act of violence against the pre-born child by killing her?

Some people say a woman who is forced to carry a child to term will suffer, but she will likely suffer more knowing she killed her own child.

Again, I come back to morality. We are a civilized society and we have created laws based on moral rights.

What if, as I mentioned to you in the past, scientists discovered a “gay gene?” What do you think would happen? Do you think society would avoid having homosexual children if they could?


Just look at it Down syndrome people. When I was young, Down syndrome was common. you saw people with it everywhere. It is a fact of life. Not everyone is born with that “perfection” that most in society want to see.

Not anymore. About nine out of 10 Down syndrome humans are killed in the womb. Countless “normal” humans are killed, misdiagnosed as “possibly” having Down syndrome.

What about homosexuals?

I guarantee you, many people would not want to have homosexual children. And I guarantee you, if scientists were able to screen for a “gay gene,” the homosexual community would scream, rightfully so, for their right to be born!

Nick, as we know, laws exist and need to be created to protect us from people who wish to do us harm. Pre-born people need laws to protect them as well.

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