Sheriff David Clarke challenges Barack Obama


Responding to Obama’s latest call for gun control, Sheriff David Clark suggested:

“Here’s my challenge to the President of the United States, if you think this is so easy, forgo your Secret Service protection, for you, the first lady, for your children and see what it’s like to have to fend for yourself.

Then we’ll sit down and have a conversation. You will know what we at ground-level have to deal with on a daily basis in terms of self-defense.

I’m done asking people in my community outsource their personal safety to the government.”

Of course, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or any other of the elitist Democrats would never let go of their Secret Service protection. They think of themselves as above us, so it’s necessary they have protection… from us!

That’s the thing, Democrats see conservatives as terrorists and Nazis. Over the last week, Hillary has either said so directly or inferred.

At one of her speeches, Hillary said:

“I strongly believe,we’ve got to have common sense reforms to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, the violently unstable, domestic abusers and even terrorists, who find it pretty easy in our country to get a hold of weapons if they so choose.”

Yeah, like the wide-open border in the south doesn’t stop people from driving across with a tank!

Hillary, obviously you weren’t aware, the “violently unstable” are not allowed to purchase weapons. Domestic abusers are not allowed to purchase weapons. Terrorists are not allowed to purchase weapons.

If a criminal wants to get a gun illegally, he will be able to do so, easily, without having to go to the local store.

Hillary also said basically, what’s the big deal, if you’re in trouble just call 911.

Katie Pavlich, Fox News contributor said:

“I think she would have some men with guns handling the business before calling 911. Look, her saying that, first of all, is not true, the Supreme Court has ruled that police action has no obligation to protect you, so she’s false on that point.

But yes, they outsource their protection, and in the case of this week and the tragedy that we saw, it’s really important to point out that these politicians are calling for more fun control, more laws on citizens, when they have no ideas what the facts of the case were.

And the reason that they do that in these emotional situations is because they have to have the conversation about gun control in an emotional state. In a sober state, in a sober situation, their debate about gun control doesn’t hold water.

Their statistics about why they need to have gun-control don’t hold up, and they can only have the argument when there’s a tragedy there, because otherwise they can’t make their point.”

Language is everything. Obama says you have to keep the guns out of the hands of “crazies.” In another speech, he says, Republicans/conservatives are crazies. Hillary calls conservatives terrorists, and then, in a speech, talks about how you have to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

Democrats are masters of controlling language. “Woman’s right to choose,” “My body my choice” and so on. Another thing, they are masters of is the the steady drip drip drip of whatever their message is. By using that brainwashing, repetitive language, they are very successful at achieving agenda goals.

“Gun control” sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Republicans have lost the arguments on abortion (for now), birth control, healthcare, in vitro fertilization, embryonic stem cell research and other issues already. We need to hold strong on liberty, freedom and the right to bear arms.

Republicans and conservatives also need to unite on the topic of abortion and turn it around. It’s time to save the babies from Democrat death!

I love Sheriff David Clarke. The conservative movement is blessed with many articulate, intelligent black men and women, who defend freedom and life with outspoken, determined logic. It must drive Democrats/liberal blacks absolutely insane to see them represent issues they vehemently oppose.

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