Monica Crowley, PhD, defending the pre-born


@MonicaCrowley, @FOXNews contributor and Nomiki Konst, The accountability Project founder were on the O’Reilly factor last night. I have to say, Monica made some great points on the life issues.

First of all, when answering questions about the Stem Express brutality issue, Nomiki said

“I think that the video is gruesome. I think that the woman that works for, the COO of Stem Express, which is, no longer affiliated with Planned Parenthood, and who has a very small contract with Planned Parenthood, she is out of her mind to be joking about these types of things.”

Okay, so what is this liberal, pro-abort nut-job doing right out of the gate? She defends Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the organization that provides thousands, possibly millions of body parts for experimentation, yet the first thing Nomiki does is defend Planned Parenthood.

Coming in on the issue, Monica says

“All of this points to the The extremism, The barbarism, the nihilism of the left (Democrats) in general, But of the abortion industry in particular.

You don’t have to be pro-life to be appalled by what’s going on here. The problem is that when you see these videos, …there has been some outrage, there have been some pro-choice people condemning this kind of thing, but when you have the vast majority of Democrats, and those on the left, either defending those or being silent. And then you have this supposedly pro-life party, the Republicans, not really moving to defund Planned Parenthood (This is where O’Reilly dives in to save the Republican Party and says “Well there was a vote in the Senate on it) Monica continues…but not pushing it as they should. Then you start to say the moral bankruptcy and decline in this in this country is becoming so severe, that we’re becoming inured to this kind of thing.

O’Reilly says:

“You can’t harvest organs unless the baby/fetus is a certain age. You can’t. With the head, a fully formed head, you’re talking about a late term abortion.”

Then, Nomiki Konst, The accountability Project founder, Shows her ignorance on abortion, she says:

“Late-term abortions after 23 weeks are illegal. Planned Parenthood services, only 3% of their services are abortions. Of those, most of them are conducted in a very early phase.”

O’Reilly challenges her with “you know that 3% thing has been challenged, and it looks to me that Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortions in America.”

Nomiki says “That’s true, but 97% of what they do is cancer screenings, none of it is federally funded.”

Unfortunately, I guess O’Reilly doesn’t know abortion is legal all the way up until the second before birth from the womb!

I don’t get it, how can so many incredibly rich, smart people be so ignorant of the fact that America is only one of four nations of the world, that brutally kills babies through all nine months?

Also, Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms, so how much can they really do to help with cancer screening!

Monica continues:

“Planned Parenthood is the abortion industry. They account for 80% of the abortion family planning INDUSTRY in this country.” (Emphasis mine)

  “As a moral matter, this slippery slope goes to hell pretty fast.” (It sounded like she said hell)

At some point in the interview, Monica Crowley made this powerful statement:

“Most politicians, they’re afraid of this (abortion) issue. You know why, because unborn babies can’t vote.”

O’Reilly then asks Nomiki:

“Do you know Joseph Mengele? Do you know Dr. Joseph Mengele?”

The whole time O’Reilly was asking her that question, Nomiki was nodding her head in the affirmative and saying, “mmm hmm, mmm hmm,” making it seem as if she knew exactly who he was talking about.

At the end of it, when O’Reilly asked again “Do you know who he was?”

Nomiki said “tell me.”

Talk about deer-in-the-headlights.

What is wrong with our education in America today!? Nomiki had no clue whom O’Reilly was talking about

Don’t you hate it when you make it seem like you know the answer to something, and then you don’t? Why would you act like you knew the answer to something like that in front of millions of people, if you haven’t a clue?


O’Reilly says “He was a Nazi doctor who performed experiments on children and babies. Is there any difference between this and what he was doing?”

Nomiki should have made a comment how she doesn’t really know what Doctor Mengele
did, but instead, she decides to go for the answer. She says:

“There is quite a bit of a difference here. There is intent. There are medical procedures done on these types of tissues. We don’t want to hear about it, it is legal, ..of donated services.”

Wow, Democrats are experts at spinning questions.

“Intent?” You don’t think doctor Mengele had the intent of providing a service to mankind?

And as for “It is legal.” No, what they did was not legal. It was proven they were taking aborted fetuses from anyone, anywhere and selling them on the open market. Mothers and fathers of the killed children were not asked permission.

Monica Crowley ended the segment with:

“If we don’t get a handle on this as a society and express moral outrage, …I’d also like to see Pope Francis speak out on this as well. He’s talking about climate change, it would be nice if he spoke out on this.”

Unfortunately, society as a whole is quiet on abortion. Most Christian leaders and pastors are even quiet on this issue, except for once a year, on Pro-Life Sunday, when they pretend they’re doing all they can for the pre-born.

It would also be nice if Pope Francis spoke out strongly against abortion, and did as much for the pre-born as he has on the mythical climate change issue.

You know, on the federal level, Republicans don’t try to end abortion. They didn’t try when Bush was in office and controlled both houses, and they’re not trying now, as they once again control both houses. The pro-life movement should recognize that the federal Republican Party takes advantage of them for their vote, and that’s it!

Notice I say “federal Republican Party.” That’s because state Republicans, either as governors or other government officials, do all they can to minimize and/or end abortion in their states. If there were just 1/100 of that kind of action on the federal level, we would see a significant decline in abortions!

I want to thank @MonicaCrowley, @BillOReilly and all other people on @FOXNews or elsewhere who take a stand for the pre-born!

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