Frank Luntz one of the biggest losers of the debate

Liberal CBS News ran the headline “GOP strategist: I saw ‘destruction” of Trump’s candidacy.'”

They interviewed Luntz after the debate, and I’m sure they were filled with glee with his comments. Responding to Donald Trump, Frank Luntz said:

“I’ve been called a lot of things in my life but I’ve never been called a clown and those focus groups are accurate.”

Really? The focus groups are accurate huh? Let’s look at some of the polling that took place after the debate.

Sean Hannity  36%
Drudge 44%
The Right Scoop 41%
TIME Magazine 48%
– Hard-core, liberal nut job Slate 39%

Frank Luntz, I think you have made yourself into a “clown” by trying to control the reactions to the debate, and by how you’ve acted.

You and your focus groups are a sham! You also probably try to use your focus groups to control the public. @FOXNews probably knows it, and lets you do it.

Well, it didn’t work, Nice try.

I’m not saying Donald Trump is going going to win the primaries. If the establishment Republicans have anything to do about it, Jeb Bush, who polled at about 1%, will be the nominee.

My top 5? Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Scott Walker… not necessarily in any order.

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