America didn’t self-destruct after the Civil War

What commonly happens after a Civil War is the nation who fought one, typically, gets embroiled in hatred and violence for many, many years to come. it’s understandable, after all, brother against brother violence like that is hard to get over. The American Civil War was a little different though.

There were a number of reasons the American Civil War started. One of them was the election of Abraham Lincoln, a Republican who wanted to end slavery. Regardless of which reason you pick, after the last shot was fired, the America Civil War ended, and the country moved on.

Today, Democrats want to stir up hatred between the north and the south. It’s ironic, considering key Democrats throughout America’s history opposed civil rights for African-Americans in America, and were even leaders and members of the KKK. Most famously, West Virginia’s Sen., Robert Byrd, was the head of his KKK group.

Democrats opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and Woodrow Wilson even made it a point to remove African-Americans from the White House. Not only did he pursue segregationist policies, he was against women having any kind of power as well.

Wilson was a foe, not a friend, of the “Votes for Women” mass movement 

Wilson embraced the KKK and even screened the movie “Birth of a Nation,” a racist propaganda film, at the White House. One of the statements in the movie?

“The white men were roused by a mere instinct of self-preservation … until at last there had sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the Southern country.”

Recently, because of one lone gunman’s photographs of him holding the Confederate battle flag, Democrats have been stirring up hatred against the south like never before. They want to dig up Confederate leadership graves, remove memorials and wipe any southern presence from history.

It’s amazing how Democrats have turned things around. One of the most racist political parties the world has ever seen is now acting like they’re pure and innocent.

The Civil War certainly wasn’t without its share of atrocities. Generals Sheridan and Sherman were known for burning, pillaging and brutalizing the south.

“After the Confederate army had finally evacuated the Shenandoah Valley in the autumn of 1864 Sheridan’s 35,000 infantry troops essentially burned the entire valley to the ground. As Sheridan described it in a letter to General Grant, in the first few days he ‘destroyed over 2200 barns . . . over 70 mills . . . have driven in front of the army over 4000 head of stock, and have killed . . . not less than 3000 sheep. . . . Tomorrow I will continue the destruction.'”

And Sherman?

Shermans’ band of criminal looters (known as ‘bummers’) sacked the slave cabins as well as the plantation houses. As Grimsley describes it, ‘With the utter disregard for blacks that was the norm among Union troops, the soldiers ransacked the slave cabins, taking whatever they liked.’ A routine procedure would be to hang a slave by his neck until he told federal soldiers where the plantation owners’ valuables were hidden.

So vile were the criminal acts against the south by Sheridan, Sherman and Grant, “Sherman himself admitted after the war that he was taught at West Point that he could be hanged for the things he did.”

Yet the south moved on. When the American Civil War ended, it ended.

So what has changed?

Today, “the South” has become very Republican. Country singers are the only ones who support the Republican Party. Rock and pop singers continually show their hatred for the Republican Party, demanding their songs not be used for Republican events. With this latest racist attack on black Americans, Democrats are trying to turn the tables, and make it seem as if they have been the ones defending civil rights all along.

This latest round of attacks on Americans by the Democratic Party is an orchestrated effort to paint Republicans as racist.

Think about it, the Democratic Party, the party of lynching and segregation, is pointing fingers, calling Republicans racist. One thing that is said about a person who’s pointing at someone else, one finger is pointing forward, while three fingers are pointing back.

I should say, not all Republicans have been shining examples of mankind. A number of them, including presidents, were members of the KKK.

Most people today have no real understanding of what the Civil War was about. They certainly don’t know that Republicans have been fighting FOR civil rights while Democrats fought AGAINST them.

At a time when Americans should be uniting against common enemies, like Islamic terrorists, Democrats are trying to make it seem like Americas’ real enemies are the Republicans and the Tea Party. Democrats are stirring up old hatred from the Civil War because as Democrat Rahm Emmanuelle said,

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

America didn’t self-destruct after the Civil War, but Democrats are doing their best to destroy it now.

On this July 4th, I pray, for just one day, we can all set aside our differences and just be Americans. Not Republicans, not Democrats, not black, not white, not North, not South, not Union, not Confederate … Just American.

May God bless America!

Peter Shinn
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