Bring down the flags, but kill the babies!

For a week now, America has been in an uproar over the Confederate flag. Democrats are acting as if it’s one of the most racist things that has ever happened in America. Meanwhile, 7,000 black babies have been killed by abortion this week.

Mark Levin used his show yesterday to highlight the party of racism, Democrats, and how they are the ones who perpetuate violence, racism and hatred against African Americans throughout history.

Democrat presidents, like Woodrow Wilson, and Democrat senators, like Robert KKK Byrd, are examples of some of the most vile humans who ever existed. Yet, somehow, they are revered and honored.

Margaret Sanger was also one of the biggest racists in history. She started the American Birth Control League, which became Planned Parenthood, to try to keep African Americans and poor people from breeding. This woman should go down in the history books in a section equal to Nazi Germany, instead, she is a Democrat hero, regularly honored for her work.

Today, black Americans are killed in the womb at a rate of over 300,000 every single year. Planned Parenthood performs the lion’s share of those abortions.

But that racist flag, well, that’s just got to go!

Of course this is just another example of how good Democrats are at expressing outrage. In just one week, Republican and Democrat leaders across the country are not only removing the Confederate flag, they’re also removing anything and everything that is connected to the Confederate south.

Amazon has banned selling the Confederate flag on their website but they will still allow Nazi and communist memorabilia to be sold. Really? The Confederate flag is worse then the Nazis?!

Once again, I am in awe of how Democrats so easily manipulate millions of people for absolutely stupid reasons, yet Republicans can’t stop the horrible dismemberment of live babies in the womb by abortion.

Another example is gun control. Democrats are effectively pushing gun control laws around the country, but when you compare gun deaths to abortion, the picture seems distorted. There are approximately 28 deaths by gunshot in America every day, compared to 3000 deaths by abortion, every day. A hundred times more people are killed by abortion every single day, but, no outcry there.

Christians know abortion is used to kill innocent little babies, yet the extent of their outcry is to pray in front of abortion facilities and silently march once a year.

There is something seriously wrong with the Republican Party. There is something seriously wrong with Christian people.

Meanwhile, Democrats are yelling “Bring down the racist Confederate flag” … Oh, and by the way, “Kill the babies!”