Democrat pockets run deep

Democrat pockets are much deeper than Republican’s. They have countless heavy donors like Tom Steyer, “a billionaire hedge fund trader and environmental activist who spent more than $70 million on last year’s midterm congressional elections.”

Steyer hosted a fundraiser that brought in over $1 million for the Democrats. the fruitcake environmentalist, “has vowed to target Republicans on climate issues in the 2016 race.”

You would think anyone with that much money would invest in places to find out what the true facts are about the Earth’s climate. You would think someone as rich him would understand basic climate science, let’s see, perhaps, understanding that the sun controls our weather!

But no, he’s another fruitcake climate change drone.

At the event, Obama and Nancy Pelosi were all Kissy Kissy , making up for that recent flap over the trade bill.

Now that the Republicans have joined Obama on this trade bill, it looks like he owns Congress once again.

Democrats always accuse Republicans of having the Koch brothers. The brothers don’t even begin to compare to the deep pockets, the billions of dollars Democrats control from federal, state and local purses. Yeah, Democrats have a lot of wealthy people who pour money into the party, but they’ve also figured out how to soak American citizens for every dime we’ve got, practically charging us for breathing air.

Rats, I give them another idea!

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