The Republican Party is a mess

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC news poll finds that Americans are identifying themselves more as liberals, less as conservatives.

Really? How could that be? do they align themselves with Democrat policies and issues? Let’s see…

How do Democrats feel about core issues, like abortion, war, homosexuality, legalizing drugs, illegal immigration, Obamacare, TPP & climate change?

Well, not long ago, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both against homosexuality, yet now, they raise the homosexual flag at the White House. Not long ago, Mr “I’m not somebody who believes in legalization of marijuana,” Barack Obama, was against legalizing pot, but now he’s handing out joints at the visitor center.

(Side note, ask all your conservative friends what TPP means, and most likely, none of them will be able to tell you.)

We all know how Democrats feel about those core issues now, yet few, if any, voters can say how the top Republican presidential candidates feel about them.

By the way, Democrats opposed the trade bill. This is one of those “cold day in hell moments” where I’m on the same side as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I just don’t think the president should be given a blank check on anything, especially not Barack Obama.

Anyway, what happened to the Republican Party? They were infiltrated by people like Greg Gutfeld, libertarians, who believe that social issues are a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, Greg actually calls himself a conservative, yet he gets angry at real conservatives, people who have the nerve to call themselves conservatives.

Greg, here’s a hint for you, a real conservative is someone who believes social issues are just as important as any other conservative issue.

So, here we are, surrounded with Republicans running for president, and not one of them is solid on conservative issues. Well, except for Scott Walker, as far as I can tell, right now.

I was thrown for a loop with the trade bill. I still can’t believe congressional Republicans embraced Obama and gave him, not only a blank check, but complete policy control over trade issues. Oh, and guess what one of the issues is that Obama gets to use to blackmail countries? Climate change!

And the Patriot Act? Since when do Republicans feel the need to make sure the government can stick its nose into our business, anywhere, anytime, without permission?

Most people don’t know how far the Patriot Act goes. Many Republicans in government don’t know how far the Patriot Act goes. The author of the Act says it goes too far.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner told Eric Holder “he is ‘disturbed’ by how the Act was interpreted allowing the NSA to collect call data for American citizens without their knowledge or any suspicion of wrongdoing.”

How much further did they go with the Act? I’m betting George Orwell could’ve taken notes.

Right now, there are a plethora of Republicans running for office, yet the party is a mess, and nobody knows what they stand for anymore. It’s no wonder so many people are identifying themselves as liberal now.

I have one suggestion for Republicans, and this suggestion means shoving aside your libertarian friends. I guess that’s two suggestions.

Republicans, stand strong on the life issues, like embryonic stem cell research, cloning and abortion. Proudly identify yourselves as pro-life. Leave the voters with the image that you want babies to live, while Democrats want abortion, dead babies.

Let’s face it, you guys are all over the map and that’s too confusing for the average voter. When you go into the debates, then you can hammer out the other issues.

Good luck, and may God bless you all!

Peter Shinn
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