Eric Bolling stand up to Julie Roginsky

Eric Bolling (@ericbolling), discussing the mess in Baltimore, the massive uptick in violence, you asked Julie Roginsky (@julieroginsky) “How did we get here?”

Her answer?

“Well, I think we got here through a variety, a confluence of bad events, quite honestly of both on the right and the left.”

And you let her get away with that. You didn’t come back at her and say “Really, what did the right have to do with this?”

I can’t stand it when left-wing people throw out vile, unsubstantiated comments like that. And it bothers me when right wing people just let them get away with it, without being challenged.

Seriously, what did right wing, Republicans do to contribute to this mess, this horrible violence that’s happening in the inner cities of the United States? These Democrat-controlled bastions of crime and fear have nothing to do with anyone else.

95% of black people vote for Democrats. Democrats know this and they take advantage of this vote. They do nothing to help inner-city blacks.

So, Julie Roginski, don’t blame right wing people with problems your party created. And Eric Bowling, stand up to the left wing hosts when they make such insane comments.

Peter Shinn
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