I’m with Bobby Jindal on the free-trade agreement

Next week, Republicans are gonna push Obama’s trade bill through. Anytime I see Republicans on a podium, smiling with Barack Obama, I believe there’s something wrong with that picture.

The trade bill they will be voting on next week is no exception. Bobby Jindal says:

“I’m for presidents in both parties having fast track authority on free trade agreements. But I am not for giving more authority to a president who ignores the Constitution, the separation of powers, and will of the American people. This particular President must not be given any more power to do anything else to harm this country. He cannot be trusted. That’s why Congress needs to find a way to maintain oversight of the Obama Administration – the current deal doesn’t do that.”

Donald Trump added:

“Why are the Republicans giving Obama fast track authority for TPP and the Iran agreement?! Obama gets more from the GOP than his own party,” 

Let’s look at some things Obama’s going to be getting even though Republicans have won both the House and the Senate:

– Cuba – I still can’t believe this one. Because of an American president / administration, a brutal dictatorship is now going to be given official recognition and support. Again, unbelievable.

– Iran – Another brutal dictatorship, except this one is run by radical Islamic nut-jobs who want to get nuclear weapons so they can destroy Israel and America. Again, unbelievable.

– Common Core – I bet 10 to 1 Obama’s (and the Democrat’s) education initiatives get a boost. What’s the goal of common core? To teach new “standards.” While they’re at it, they will remove Jesus Christ and the message that America is a proud, decent country, to be replaced with Liberal, anti-American, anti-Christ, Democrat garbage.

– Immigration – Unless something drastic happens, there will be millions of new (illegal Latino) Democrat voters before 2016.

– Obamacare – Yeah, Republicans have given up on that one. Now, millions of us who can’t afford insurance have to pay a penalty, thanks to Justice Roberts it’s called a tax, so that others can have free healthcare.

A President in his second term, when congress is controlled by the opposition, used to be referred to as a lame duck. Obama, with the power of his pen, looks more like a soaring Eagle.

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