Please stop saying “federal regulation”

When we say “federal regulation” we know we are mostly talking about Democrat regulation. Think about it, they’ve even regulated normal lightbulbs out of existence!

Yes, I know, over the years, Republicans have been acting more and more like Democrats, so they share blame.

The latest report reveals some statistics that SHOULD wake up the average working American.

Federal regulation and intervention cost American consumers and businesses an estimated $1.88 trillion in 2014 in lost economic productivity and higher prices,” amounting to roughly $15,000 per household, the report said.

They say $15,000 per household, but we know only half of the population of America pays taxes, so they really mean $30,000 per household. So, if the average American household owes $100,000 in interest on government debt, plus they pay an extra $30,000 a year in lost economic productivity and higher prices, you can see how the average working American is taken to the woodshed by Democrat policies.

“the federal bureaucracy—made up of 60 agencies, departments, and commissions—has 3,415 regulations in the process of being finalized, meaning that the number of regulations far surpasses the number of laws passed by Congress.”

I gotta tell ya, “the government” has become this behemoth that regulates and controls our lives in ways our founding fathers never imagined. Our Constitution, a 6 x 4 booklet with a handful of pages, has been replaced by hundreds of thousands of regulations, rules and taxes.

Corrupt politicians have been polluting the American system with their insanity for hundreds of years. It’s kind of like a computer, one that you have owned for just a couple of years. You remember what it was like the day you bought it, everything ran well, it booted up fast. Over time, It got slower and slower as it became clogged with junk from applications and so on. Eventually, you just have to reformat the hard drive, reinstall the operating system and start all over.

Enforcing regulations alone cost the government $59.5 billion in 2014.

Government regulation has led to a hidden “tax” for Americans, the report said, as businesses pass along compliance costs to consumers.

“Economy-wide regulatory costs amount to an average of $14,976 per household—around 29 percent of an average family budget of $51,100,” the report said. “Although not paid directly by individuals, this ‘cost’ of regulation exceeds the amount an average family spends on health care, food and transportation.”

Yeah, “Although not paid directly by individuals,” but we still pay for it.

“Among the six all-time-high Federal 
Register page counts, five have occurred under President Obama,”

No surprise there.

the national debt, which currently stands at $18.152 trillion, is now larger than China’s economy. 

The actual dept is probably closer to $20 trillion.  The Democrats artificially “froze” the debt a while back, pretending it’s not going up. How do they manage that? Easy, by manipulating pieces of paper which define what is paid to whom and when. The world’s biggest Ponzi scheme.

Like our computers, I believe we should reboot our governments, Federal, state and local once in a while. Take the “best of” people and policies, and get rid of the rest.

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