“Take me to your leader”

2015 will be the summer of “Take me to your leader.” Instead of illegals hiding from the border patrol, they’re going to be crossing the border with flares and flags, begging to be picked up.

Thanks to Barack Obama and the Democrats, every person around the world who’s ever wanted to come to America and get free citizenship, now has the opportunity.

The word has spread far and wide, “Bring us your tired, your poor, your disease-ridden and criminal minded.”

The new Democrat mantra is, “Don’t worry about our ‘melting pot’ philosophy, we will adapt to you!”

En Espanol, numero DOS.

Rep. Gutierrez has even released pamphlets, in Spanish of course, that explain how to come to America and apply for citizenship.

He probably included instructions on how to get a free Obama phone as well.

The reason Democrats and the media switched from the words “illegal alien” to “undocumented immigrants” is because soon, they will all have documents.

At the end of the year, Obama and the Democrats will brag about how they deported many people. Of course they won’t tell you that 10 times more  people snuck into this country than previous years.

Check out this idiotic statement

“we’re getting more women and children than the day before,” said Cabrera, 41, a local border patrol union representative. He estimated that 60% of those apprehended are turning themselves in.

Did he ever consider the thought that if they are “turning themselves in” they are not “apprehended?”

I’m sorry Cabrera, you’re probably a nice guy, but you have to admit, that is an idiotic statement.

Democrats are desperate to flood America with illegals who will help change the demographic of this country. They know that very soon, conservative Republicans will never get elected again. That’s why they’re fast-tracking millions of illegals into becoming voting citizens before the 2016 election.

Democrats know this has to happen quickly because Hillary Clinton is so unelectable, I could probably beat her, even if I didn’t start my campaign until the last week of the election.

What irritates me more than Democrats destroying our Republic, is Republicans doing nothing to stop them. Instead, they’re trying to figure out how to embrace the new Latino America.

But, it’s a lesson in futility and stupidity.

After the millions of illegals who are here get citizenship, they will be eager to press the (D) button so that they can bring all their family members over as well. Goodbye America, hello MexAmerica!