“African-American police state a modern-day crime against humanity

“The African American police state is unquestionably a modern day crime against humanity.”

You read that right.

What came in front of that? Garikai Chengu from Global Research writes:

“Black people in America live in a police-state-within-a-state. The African American police state exercises its authority over the Black minority through an oppressive array of modern day lynchings by the police, increasing for-profit mass incarceration and the government sanctioned surveillance and assassination of Black leaders.”

Chengu’s Article is filled with so much insane, hate filled rhetoric, it’s tempting to just copy & paste his whole piece! Instead, I’m just going to cherry-pick, leaving you to click the link to read the rest if you want.

“The first modern police forces in America were Slave Patrols and Night Watches, which were both designed to control the behaviors of African Americans.”

How about them apples John and Mary, black police officer? you are being called “slave patrols.”

Mr. nut-job then says:


“The Guardian newspaper recently noted that historians believe that during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century on average two African-Americans were lynched every week.

Compare this with incomplete data compiled by the FBI that shows that a Black person is killed by a white police officer more than twice a week, and it’s clear that police brutality in Black communities is getting worse, not better.”

Wow, according to the Guardian, black police officers live to kill other blacks. I’m surprised they didn’t connect their thirst for blood to a modern, online video game.

Of course the Guardian doesn’t point out how whites are killed by cops in significantly greater numbers than blacks. Just a little inconvenient fact for them.

His psychotic rant continues:

“The history of Nazi Germany’s Gestapo has many parallels to what U.S. law enforcement in the Black community has become.”

That’s funny, whenever conservatives compare Democrats to Nazis, Democrats scream “How dare you!” But they’re allowed, of course.

Well, you get the gist of it. I’m tired of reading his psycho-babble.

Let’s not forget, “Garikai Chengu is a scholar at Harvard University. Contact him on garikai.chengu@gmail.com”

I just wish police officers would pay attention to the insane views of Democrats, who look at them through these psychotic eyes. Then, maybe, they would vote for anybody but Democrat.

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