John Hogue, a portrait of stupidity

I was listening to Coast to Coast on Sunday. For those of you who haven’t heard of the show, George Nori covers every topic under the sun , including God, angels, Ouija boards, the devil, UFOs, aliens and more.

Nori’s guest in the podcast I was listening to was John Hogue, a man compared to Nostradamus. John was giving his various predictions, and then, unbelievably, they start talking about the plight of the oppressed black man in America.

I couldn’t believe the direction the show was taking. John was comparing the oppressed black men to Palestinians in the “occupied territories.” He was comparing the actions of American police officers to the actions of Israeli soldiers. Seriously?

First of all American police officers, like Israeli soldiers, practice extreme restraint when dealing with rock throwing criminal thugs. The people who burned and looted Baltimore weren’t an oppressed minority. The people who burned and looted Ferguson weren’t an oppressed minority. They were criminals.

Recent study has shown that a white man stands almost a 2 to 1 chance of dying from an officer’s bullet compared to a black man. Don’t give me this garbage about racism and unjust arrests / killings.

If anything, we should be talking about why these ghettos exist across America. They have been sustained by Obama and the Democrats, who do nothing to help the black population succeed. As a matter fact they do everything opposite to their success.

Instead of encouraging marriage, they encourage separation by providing money, food stamps and housing if they are single and unemployed. Add children to the factor and they get even more money. If you offered money, food stamps and housing to married people, I think you would wind up with more married people. Don’t you? The point is, whatever you offer money and benefits to, you’re going to get more of.

Instead of providing jobs, Democrats push a deeper quagmire of social welfare which doesn’t motivate a population to care for itself.

Think about this, black women have abortions FIVE TIMES the rate of white women and over 70% of black women with children are unmarried. almost half of the living black population today has been killed by abortion.

Don’t get me wrong, Republicans are just as guilty in this equation. Instead of going into the ghettos and trying to figure out how to help the black population, they hide from it, even making comments like “don’t bother with them, they don’t vote for us anyway.”

Democrats refuse to go after the criminals in the inner-city so they allow a criminal empire to be built. Gangs like the Crips, Bloods and MS13 are ruling the inner-city, with crime that surpasses some of the worst war zones in the world.

Yes, it’s time for change. I don’t care how many people are incarcerated, if they are criminals, they are criminals and they belong in jail. People with minor offenses, like smoking marijuana, should be released and given work duty.

Republicans and Democrats need to get together to clean up the inner-city and the poor communities. Unfortunately, all too often the solution is to clean up the neighborhood, build new homes and force poor people to move somewhere else. That’s not a solution.

Why pay trillions of dollars to people for doing nothing? Let’s have them do something! they can work on our roads, our schools and our infrastructure. Let’s give people paychecks instead of handouts.

I know, Republicans and conservatives will say government is not an employer and we shouldn’t go down that road. Fine, come up with a solution, something better than “Let’s elect Republicans and things will change.”

Politicians need to work together to come up with solutions. We may have core differences like abortion and embryonic stem cell research, when it comes to coming up with solutions for America and American citizens, this is where we need to set our partisanship aside, roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Oh, and John Hogue, stick to predicting earthquakes. We don’t need you telling lies that American police officers are racist pigs, and that they shoot black citizens on sight. We also don’t need you accusing Israeli soldiers of oppressing and murdering people.