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In all seriousness, I clicked this link at a conservative website, thinking it really couldn’t be an ad for global warming/climate change. After all, there was a sad picture of a polar bear, so there’s no way this could be serious. It had to be a hoax, right?

300x250_polarbeardark.jpg (300×250)


Unbelievable. The link actually goes to a website of somebody who is shaking down the general public for climate change money.

First of all, the polar bear thing. Seriously? People are still using the polar bear lie? There are more polar bears out there them ever before, so many of them that they will probably have to start eating each other. But, it makes for a good shakedown image.

Second, if you go to the website you can see, sure enough, they’re asking for money to fight climate change. Okay, again, seriously… What the heck are they gonna do with money to fight climate change? Are they gonna buy ice cubes when it’s hot and heaters when it’s cold?

Obama and the Democrats have been shaking down the general public for so long we just don’t even pay attention to it anymore. They steal more money to give to their climate change buddies than we use to protect our borders, a real problem.

The website says:

Donate to Environmental Defense Fund to fight global warming, protect endangered species, restore our oceans, clean up toxic pollution, and promote tough health and safety standards for clean air and clean water.

Wow. My few dollars are going to “restore oceans, clean up toxic pollution” and do all that other stuff! Wow! That’s amazing!

It’s crazy stupid ads like that actually work, and it’s obnoxious that conservative / libertarian websites like Drudge put that garbage up there to sucker people into throwing their money away.

Worst of all, Americans vote for people like Obama and the Democrats who use our money as their piggy bank. Obama hates “big oil” and told us he was gonna make energy “unaffordable,” and America, currently a nation of idiots, votes for him anyway.

I better stop before I say what I really mean


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