Baltimore riots – Good example of why Democrats are dangerous

Now we know, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake gave the order to the police to stand down. Direct quote, “Let them loot, it’s only property.”

In addition, police officers were told to go to the top of the hill and just watch the carnage.

Think about it, people could’ve been killed in Baltimore, and the police were ordered to do nothing. How would Mayor Blake know exactly what kind of crimes were going to be committed? How would she know if they were just going to rob and pillage or if they were going to injure and kill?

She didn’t.

Mayor Blake was betting on the lives of Baltimore residents that the criminals wouldn’t be too violent. Not a safe bet. If I were a Baltimore resident, I would be out in force rioting against Mayor Blake, a so-called representative of government who did nothing to protect me, my family and my property from obvious criminal behavior.

Store owners lost everything they had that night. Why? Because Democrats aren’t interested in stopping crime. If they were, they wouldn’t fight so hard to reduce criminal sentences, stop people from going to jail and do nothing while members of their party commit obvious, egregious crimes.

Democrats are dangerous. They are dangerous to have as political leaders because they’re more interested in lining their pockets, and getting reelected, than they are in defending the defenseless.

I often point to the life issues where Democrats are most destructive. Because of them over 1 million people are killed in America by abortion every year. Because of Democrats, countless people are killed through embryonic stem cell research. Because of Democrats, countless people are killed by cloning every year.

And, of course, the latest issue, homosexuality. Studies have proven that homosexuals molest children at higher rates than anyone else. Because of Democrats, not only will homosexuals get sanctioned marriage, forcing Christian pastors to marry them, they will also get more children to adopt and molest.

Imagine what it would’ve been like to be in Baltimore or Ferguson when the criminals were looting your store or destroying your car or your property. Imagine looking to the police, and there they are, standing, doing nothing, ordered by Democrat leaders to do absolutely nothing. You get to watch, helpless, as rioters, with glee, destroy perhaps everything you’ve worked for your entire life.

How many more times? When will citizens of America stand up to these dangerous Democrats and stand up against the gangs that have permeated their neighborhoods? These criminal gangs, created by Democrat policies which seek to do nothing more than get their votes, rather than help them succeed in life.

When will white Americans say:

“Enough is enough, stop accusing me of being racist! I’m sick and tired of Democrats blaming the problems of the black community on me. I’m not racist and I didn’t do anything, so leave me out of it!”

Democrats have taken trillions of our dollars and poured them into poverty programs to get the votes from the “poor” population.

Now, every year, Democrats steal from the mouths of me and my family so they can buy free health insurance for other Americans, while I have none. Democrats steal from the mouths of me and my family to provide free food to one in five Americans in this country while I struggle to pay my bills.

I don’t have a problem with helping the poor, but I seriously doubt one in five Americans is poor. They all have cell phones, they all have televisions, they all have air conditioning and they have a place to live. I believe we should help people when they are in need, but we shouldn’t just give them food, money, housing and benefits forever, allowing them to take from the middle class and the wealthy while they do nothing. at least have them working on our roads and bridges or something!

Half the people in the United States of America don’t pay taxes. Many get free money, free food and free housing. The Democrats have turned into Robin Hood politicians, stealing from many to give to others.

I’m tired of this and I’m not the only one. The tea party movement was started because many Americans are tired of Republicans doing nothing about this. We got tired of Republicans, basically just playing the game, to get elected, and then when they’re in office, they don’t really do anything to stand up against hard-core Democrat policies.

We worked hard to get Republican control of the Senate and the house, and what did we get for it? Nothing! We got promises that Republicans were going to overturn Obamacare, and what did they do? They just came out with a statement saying they’re going to do nothing about Obamacare. Let me repeat that, Republicans have now confirmed they are going to do NOTHING about Obamacare.

I wish the Tea Party would actually create a Tea Party. Unfortunately, the criminal Democrats blocked organizations like mine and many others from getting nonprofit status in time to affect Obama selections. And they laugh, year after year as Republicans stand helpless to investigate their crimes. Common Democrat tactic, stall until you can say “What difference does it make now anyway?” as Hillary Clinton said not long ago.

I believe there are some strong conservative leaders like Rep. Ted Cruz, Gov. Scott Walker, Rep. Steve King and many more. Unfortunately, there’s not much time left for them to do anything to save America.

Obama and the Democrats have succeeded in overwhelming our country with socialist Democrat voters. They allowed, and continue to allow wide-open borders as illegal aliens flow into America with no end in sight. And Republicans are helpless to stop them.

At this point Democrats have allowed so many illegals into this country there’s no way to stop them from being elected forever. Obama has ordered “the government” to fast-track green cards for over 8 million illegals (voters) so they can steal the 2016 election, And every election after that.

How many times have Republicans said words like “it’s illegal what they are doing,” or “they are breaking the law,” or “they are violating the Constitution?” Too many times. If Republicans really meant what they said about Democrats committing crimes as they accuse them of doing, they would have them arrested!

But no, it’s business as usual on Capitol Hill. Democrats will keep doing what Democrats do and Republicans will, well, keep doing nothing to stop them.

Democrats are dangerous, and unfortunately, we have no protection from their actions.


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