John Boehner continues the Hillary Clinton shuffle

On one hand John Boehner says Hillary “violated the law.” Then he says Republicans “may subpoena Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail server if she does not turn it over.”

Gee, do you think he’ll add “pretty please?”

Which is it John Boehner, is she a criminal, or someone you’re hoping to have tea and crumpets with?

Over and over and over we hear Republicans talk about how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have violated the Constitution and committed criminal acts, and then, in their next breath, it becomes painfully obvious they cower at the thought of treating criminals like criminals.

Note to Republicans, Say what you mean and mean what you say. I’m tired of hearing you talk the talk, only to follow it up with a nap. Keep this up and I’m going to ask for a definition change in the dictionary.

Republican: See Spineless


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