Europeans Stopping Immigration Suicide

Facing reality. Even the Socialists have recognized the importance of protecting their borders. They are preparing to destroy ships before they can be used to transport illegals.

This is the opposite of Barack Obama in the Democrats, who send invitations to illegals to invade our country and destroy what we stand for.

Over 4 million immigrants are waiting, some who been waiting for Over 13 years, to immigrate to America. They watch in disgust and disappointment as Obama and the Democrats pack America with illegals, people who haven’t paid a dime, People who didn’t stand in line, people who haven’t been checked for diseases.

The only person with balls in our country is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Republicans are sitting in their government chairs, doing nothing, completely ineffective, cowering at the onslaught of the destruction of the Constitution.

What Obama and the Democrats don’t care about is the word  “immigration.” As far as they’re concerned, America belongs to everyone in the world regardless of who they are or where they come from. To them, there’s no such thing as an “illegal.” The Democrat media has banned this word from being used, joining in on the action to destroy America and our Constitution.

Often I connect things to abortion. It drives people crazy. What I say is, “Think about it, we allowed the Democrats to make abortion, the intentional killing of innocent human beings in the womb, an accepted practice. After this, anything goes.”

And truly, anything goes. Obama spoke against homosexual marriage many times, now, he’s practically officiating same-sex  weddings.

And don’t get me started on Obamacare, where my family is forced to buy health care for other people in this country, people who refuse to work, while we can’t even afford it for ourselves!

How many times did we hear Obama say he’s not a dictator and he wouldn’t do things, such as implementing executive actions where they are inappropriate, and then he did it anyway.

Countless times Obama and the Democrats have broken American law. They have even admitted if they did the things they have done they would be violating our laws. Do Republicans have them arrested? No, of course not. We just see them shrug their shoulders and ask “What are we supposed to do.”

I came from socialist Europe and I’m proud to see the Socialists stand against the tide of illegal immigration which would destroy their countries. The question I have asked too many times over the years in America is, “Where are the Republicans? Nowhere to be found.