Governor John Kasich, it’s time for a GOP candidate with a spine.

I don’t know what planet you’re from, but our last two Republican nominees never said anything memorable, let alone something with “fiery rhetoric.”


What should Republicans do? Get on their knees and grovel? Should they beg for Americans to vote for them as president?

We need a GOP candidate who stands for something and is willing to say so. We need a GOP candidate who speaks strongly that life needs to be defended from womb to tomb. We need a GOP candidate who wants to defend America from the diarrhea of illegals pouring in from countries who would shoot anyone else trying to sneak into their country. We need someone to defend us from these murderers, rapists and disease infected illegals, who, because of their illegal activity, have kept out millions of legal immigrants who have been patiently waiting in line for over 13 years.

I believe voters are looking for a strong conservative, not another squishy, whiny, middle-of-the-road Republican who is afraid to defend America’s values.

If the Republican Party presents yet another moderate loser, that will pretty much guarantee the Democrats could run Bozo the Clown and win.

The collapse of America is in full swing. It’s a sad day when leaders like Mike Huckabee say our sons and daughters should avoid the military until the president of the United States leaves office.


It’s a sad day when I tell my son, when you get into the military, keep your mouth shut, Don’t talk about politics or homosexuals. You are an honorable person who wants to serve our country and God, don’t let people with agendas derail your values and goals. It’s a sad day when we know there are military leaders just waiting to kick out our sons and daughters from the military because they might speak their mind, exercising their free speech and opinion on important issues.

John Kasich, Obama is an extremist left-wing Democrat who has distorted America so much, you can’t tell us apart from any other socialist regime. He has done what others have wanted to do for many years but didn’t have the spine.

One important point about socialist healthcare. In most socialist countries, everyone gets healthcare. In America, under ObamaCare, those of us who can’t afford health insurance have to pay for other people to have it.

Let me say this again, if, according to “the government,” you make “too much money,” you aren’t entitled to health insurance, you have to either buy it, or you have to pay a penalty, renamed a “tax” by our wonderful “conservative” Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts. So, because I, and many people like me, can’t afford health insurance, I still have to pay the tax, and guess what? My money is used to buy health insurance for other people!

At least in a socialist country, I would have health insurance, no matter what.

To continue, it’s time to elect a Republican with a spine. In case you don’t remember, the GOP presented America with moderates in the last two presidential elections, and what happened? Conservatives stayed home. Not only that, I believe independents voted for Obama both times because it was obvious he stood for something!

There’s no such thing as a perfect candidate. Ted Cruz and Scott Walker are not perfect, But they are a lot closer to the definition of conservatism than other squishes out there who just want to make deals and not stand for America’s values.

John, you can’t “compromise without losing your principles.” There is no compromise on abortion, there is no compromise on the Constitution and there is no compromise on destroying what America stands for. In all his years in office, Obama has not used the word compromise once. He has used “the pen.” Successfully, I might add.

Gov. Kasich, yes, you have talked the talk and have walked the walk on many Pro-life issues, but, in some cases, you are still afraid.

You refer to the heartbeat bill as “overreaching.” What about abortion? Is that not overreaching? 1 million people are killed by abortion every year in America. We have to do what we can, when we can, and we have to speak in defense of the strongest issues whenever and wherever possible.

Think about it, abortion is not constitutional in the first place, so your argument that it might not stand the test of the Supreme Court is not a valid argument. The Supreme Court overreached in 1973 and they continue to do so to this day. You cannot legalize the intentional killing of an innocent human being, yet, to this day, intelligent people like you believe someone who is challenging that horrible precedent is “overreaching.”

Gov. Kasich, grow a spine. Speak strongly in defense of the preborn and do all you can to end abortion. Speak strongly for a Republican candidate who also believes that life begins at the moment of conception and must be defended.

Article on Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill

I’ve had enough of this talk about moderation, that we should all just get along. Remember what Jesus said?

34 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

Matthew 10

Some people in my family are hard-core pro-abortion. When they say to me “come on, chill out, on this issue we just have to agree to disagree,” I say “NO, I do not agree! This is an issue of life and death, and you believe the right to kill someone is just an opinion. No, it is not an opinion, it is someone’s life, and I believe you are wrong and I will continue defending that person, forever.”

I believe abortion is the most powerful issue Republicans have, yet they are afraid to discuss it. Republicans, I leave you with this simple advice. When a reporter tries to corner you with a gotcha question on abortion, just say: “I believe life begins at the moment of conception and ends at our natural death. What do you think?”

If they bring up rape and incest and health of the mother, ask the reporter, “Are these conditions where you believe a child should be killed?” Tell the reporter over 500 physicians have signed a statement strongly condemning abortion under the pretense that it must be used to save the mother. They all agree, with today’s modern medicine, there is no reason to kill a child to save the mother.

As far as rape is concerned, a woman who is been raped has already suffered once. Why should she suffer forever, having to remember she killed her child as well? Why should the child pay the punishment for the crime of the man who raped her mother? The rapist is the criminal who should pay for his crime, not the innocent daughter who would be born if it were not for people who believe she doesn’t have a right to live.

If all that is too complicated for you and you are worried about stumbling up in a debate, just remember one simple answer for any question. When someone tries to corner you, just ask them, “Are we talking about a human life? If your answer to this question is yes, then the difference between the two of us is simple. I want the preborn person to live and you want the preborn person to die.”

Democrats know abortion on demand is a losing issue for them. They know America doesn’t like abortion on demand. Many Democrats don’t like abortion on demand. That’s why they are using rape, incest and health/life of the mother. Don’t fall for it.

Republicans, grow a spine, defend life. You can’t go wrong.