Will the real Marco Rubio please stand up

Years ago, I saw Marco Rubio speak at a conservative conference. He gave a passionate speech that contained everything Republicans / conservatives wanted to hear.

Rubio talked about the greatness of America, defending our borders and defending the least of us, babies, who are slaughtered by abortion.

The speech was obviously effective as many people invested in him, and got him elected senator. No sooner was Rubio elected senator when his position on immigration changed. Now that he’s running for president, it’s changed again.

So, Rubio convinced us he was conservative, and flipped after he became senator, Now he’s flipping again to get our votes for president. My question is, why should we give him the time of day?

And I’m not sure why Megan Kelly appears to act like his campaign manager. It looked like she was trying to get Ann Coulter to endorse him. Ann obviously was not that enamored with him and even said he’s not presidential material:

I think he’s running for a vice presidential slot. This can’t be serious.


Mark Levin thinks he is going to “challenge the RINOs.” That may be, but if he gets elected Pres. and changes his stance on illegals again, he will just be another RINO that perpetuates the demise of America.


Don’t get me wrong, I like Rubio. I think he’s a decent man. Unfortunately, he’s shown that he’s a politician one who will present himself one way to get votes and another way after he gets them.

He’s still better than any Democrat, so, if he’s all we’ve got in the end, yeah, I’ll support him.