Democrats are dangerous for Israel

the algemeiner reports

The (Obama) agreement will lead to a “stronger and wealthier Iran in the coming phase (that) will be able to stand by its allies [Hezbollah], and especially the Palestinian resistance [Hamas], more than at any other time in history.”

Because of Obama’s ignorant, naïve “negotiations” with Iran, Israel faces countless new and old dangers.

Much of the focus has been on Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons, which we know they will do, with our help. The significance of this cannot be downplayed since one nuclear weapon could annihilate most Israelis in one second. But this is an extreme that is a work in progress, one that won’t be finished for a few months, or more.

For now, Israel will have big problems with the terrorists, Hezbollah and Hamas, who will get lots of money, which Iran will funnel to them.

It was reported on Sunday that Iran has transferred tens of millions of dollars to Hamas to help rebuild its network of tunnels destroyed by Israel during last summer’s Gaza war as well as help to replenish its stockpiles of missiles, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

So now, because of Obama, Israelis have to be scared out of their minds that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon, and, at the same time, they can expect severe and frequent attacks from their terrorist enemies.

Democrats are dangerous in so many ways. In this case, Jewish people should realize that by voting for Democrats, they are voting for the end of their country, the end of their existence.