Journalism? With no proof, Rolling Stone branded University of Virginia a “rape school”

No ethics. Rolling Stone brands University of Virginia  a “rape school,” clouding their image and stopping people from going there.

“Nobody wants to go to rape school” article

But, according to Rolling Stone, nobody needs to be fired because the publisher, Jann Wenner, “believes the missteps were unintentional, not purposefully deceitful.”

No, it’s not bad enough that Rolling Stone so desperately wanted the story to be true, they were so eager to publish a story that they didn’t even pursue one smidgen of ethical journalism. It’s not bad enough that peoples lives at the University were overturned because of the investigations. It’s not bad enough the University’s business has been affected.

If anyone should be fired, it’s the person saying “We’re ‘sorry,’ but nobody made a mistake bad enough to be fired,” the publisher Jann Wenner!

But no, nobody will be fired. We just get the typical Democrat answer. “We didn’t mean it, nothing to see here, we’re journalists, we’re only human, everyone go home.”

Too often, people improperly sue other people. In this case, I hope the University of Virginia sues the pants off of Rolling Stone magazine! they need to be exposed. (Pun intended)