Killer pilot’s ex-girlfriend’s stunning admission

I have to question the intelligence of the killer-pilot’s ex-girlfriend who didn’t think to report her pilot boyfriend saying. “I’m planning a heinous act that will be remembered forever.”

Did she think he was saying, “I’m going to eat a whole box of chocolates?”

If you knew someone who was a pilot who said they were going to “commit a heinous act that will be remembered forever,” wouldn’t you think of telling someone?

This pilot gave depression a bad name. Depressed people don’t typically go around murdering anyone, let alone 150 people, men, women and children! he was a murderer who planned a horrible act.

Unfortunately, it could’ve been prevented, if his girlfriend would’ve thought “Gee I wonder if I should tell anyone my boyfriend, a pilot, responsible for hundreds of lives, is talking like a psycho.”

WorldNetDaily article