What is the core mission of NASA?

In a subcommittee hearing, Senator Ted Cruz asked:

“In your judgment, what is the core mission of NASA?

Almost any American would agree that the core function of NASA is to explore space,” he said. “That’s what inspires little boys and little girls across this country.”

Pro-global warming Democrat NASA administrator Charles Bolden answered:

“We can’t go anywhere if the Kennedy Space Center goes underwater and we don’t know it.”

Really? Now I have to ask, Mr. Bolden, how would the Space Center go underwater and you wouldn’t “know it?”

After all, global temperatures haven’t gone up in 19 years, and even in one of your worst estimates of “global warming” came true, in 100 years, the oceans would only go up by 1 inch. Hardly enough to sink the Space Center.

Sen. Ted Cruz should’ve been prepared to answer the “climate change” / “global warming” insanity that he knew he would encounter in the hearing.

Unfortunately, people like Bolden have hijacked NASA and are using the meager budget that the agency has to try and prove their climate change theories.

As usual, I’m sure they’ve also created a climate of fear at the workplace, so if anyone speaks out against their immoral use of funds, that person’s job will be short-lived.

NASA’s budget is a pitiful $18.5 billion. I believe it should be much bigger. Unfortunately, if it were bigger, Democrats would just figure out how to put it in their pockets. NASA is a “Space Agency,” not a global warming agency.

Where could we take money from? Well, with the $4 trillion behemoth budget Obama and politicians have created, you could throw a dart 1000 times at a board filled with projects and not stop anything life-threatening. Here are some examples:

The Energy Department gets $29.9 billion. That’s a lot of money for a department that creates zero energy. As a matter of fact, Obama has probably done more to block energy exploration on federal lands, then all presidents combined.

Obama also plans to spend “$500 million for the launch of the U.N. Green Climate Fund, which would help countries cut their carbon emissions and also prepare for the effects of global warming.” this fund will eventually reach $3 billion.

What is Obama’s track record? How does he “cut carbon emissions?” He changes regulations and increases taxes, forcing energy providers to go out of business even if there is no alternative.

“The government” Today refers to Democrat government. Democrats have not only taken over all government agencies they’ve also created new ones that support their agendas while crippling America with higher taxes/costs, forcing us to live with less energy.

The IRS has over 18,000 employees with a budget of $11 billion. All you have to do is create a flat tax getting rid of the complicated stupidity, and voilà, you saved $11 billion.

It’s safe to say most major government agencies are involved with climate change, one way or another. NASA and other agencies steal our money to pursue their agendas, while calling us “deniers” or knuckle-dragging idiots for not supporting their unproven theories.

Politicians should not be able to pack an agency with their believers. There should always be Republicans and Democrats, people with opposing viewpoints, working together in the top positions of the agencies.

I say let’s increase NASA’s budget and let it do what 99% of Americans believe it should do, explore space!