Knights say NO! to Terry McAuliffe as Grand Marshall

    Dear Knights and friends of the Knights of Columbus,It was recently announced that Gov. Terry McAuliffe was selected as the Grand Marshall for this year’s Norfolk St. Patrick’s Day Parade (March 14th) which is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Council 3548.  This was against the directive of Holy Trinity Pastor, Fr. Dan Beeman.  Please read Fr. Beeman’s letter below.

It appears that the KofC State Deputy, Steve Burnley, first agreed to immediately replace Terry McAuliffe, but later he reversed his decision.  It is totally unacceptable that Terry McAuliffe should be a Grand Marshall at a Knights of Columbus parade.If you stand for LIFE or Marriage between one man and one woman in Virginia, I urge you to contact SD Steve Burnley to register your protest.  There is still time for Terry McAuliffe to be removed and for renegade Council 3548 to be sanctioned.If you are a Knight, now is the time to stand up for your order in Virginia!!

Please pass the word to all your fellow Knights and friends of Knights.  The Virginia Knights of Columbus stand for Jesus – not satan.

God bless you,
in JMJ, Frances Bouton


State Deputy, Stephen Burnley, home, 703-971-4598, cell, 703-927-6074 –

State Chaplain, Most Rev. Paul Loverde, Bishop of Arlington, office, 703-841-2500.

Assoc. State Chaplain, Rev. Frank Ready,

Assoc. State Chaplain, Rev. John Abe,

State Secretary, Stephen Raschke, home, 804-695-9912, cell, 757-509-0177-

State Treasurer, Michael Gasper, home, 804-303-3355, cell, 804-921-0325 –

State Advocate, Stephen Kehoe, home, 703-591-6813, cell, 793-946-6550 –

State Warden, Roy Blakeburn, home, 757-671-8092, cell, 757-581-9659 –

Immediate Past State Deputy, Tony Fortunato, home, 804-364-6157, cell, 917-519-5795 –

Executive Secretary, Kelly Mortensen, home, 804-674-6895, cell, 804-651-3772 –

Vice Supreme Master, Richie Head, home, 804-378-5301, cell, 703-963-8282 –

Master of the Fourth Degree, former, Cy Alba, home, 703-455-6010 – current, Tom Trudeau.

Membership & Program Consultant Fraternal Services, Supreme Council, J.P. McCusker, home, 703-361-6778, cell, 703-963-3706 –

FYI – Please pass along.  I sat not far from Mrs. McAuliffe and three of her children when the Governor gave his state of the Commonwealth address and it was very upsetting to watch them spring to their feet in thunderous applause when the Governor spoke about his efforts to protect abortion clinics and the homosexual agenda.

Cathy Marshall

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke