Rep. Gutierrez Hides Criminals

Rep. Gutierrez brags how he broke/breaks American law and hid/hides illegal aliens. In a speech, he told how he would not “cooperate with immigration authorities when it comes to the deportation or separation” of illegals.


Democrat criminal lawbreakers like him even created laws that made it illegal to investigate potential illegal aliens or to try and deport them. That’s how good they are, they made the illegal legal and legal illegal.

And that’s how wimpy America has become. Criminals can hold office and just give speeches about how they break American law, laughing in our faces.

You go to jail for stealing a candy bar, so make sure you commit some kind of immigration violation so you can claim racism and get out!

America has been overrun with illegal immigrants thanks to the Democratic Party who care more about getting elected than they do the stability and integrity of our country.

The US will add nearly 100 million people to its population in the next 40 years. 64 million will come from immigration and another 40 million will be born to foreign-born mothers”


In 1960, 85% of America was made up of white Americans. Thanks to “immigration” by the year 2040 Americans will be a minority.

No other country in the world has willingly thrown away what it stands for like America. Instead of asking foreign-born people to integrate with us, we’re demanding Americans integrate with them. Bizarre.

Rep. Gutierrez has poked his fingers into the chest of America for years. He openly brags how he will always get what he wants in regards to illegal immigration. Unfortunately, he’s always right.

Happy Cinco De Mayo.