Conservative America, it’s time to secede

Conservatives, it’s time to face reality, America, as it was created, is no more, and the only thing left is for individual States to secede from the union.

Think about it, Republicans have become spineless and won’t stand up to Democrat tyranny. Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and others have already said this. If there were enough conservatives in Congress with a determination to stand for the values of America I might feel otherwise, but, unfortunately, that’s not our reality.

One of the most difficult things to deal with is to recognize reality for what it is. Sometimes we get into difficult circumstances, and we want to just have hope, hope that we can rally strength to make things better. One thing I’ve learned in life though is, if you rely on other people to make things better for you, you might be in for disappointment. People do what they want to do, and it’s not necessarily what you want them to do.

Election after election rolls by and we keep praying, hoping and voting for representatives whom we count on to do the right thing. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t but most of the time it’s politics as usual.

Forty-two years later and 60 million people killed through abortion, and we still believe something is going to change. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, believing something is going to change, but it never does.

Democrats are giving out blanket amnesty expecting a quid pro quo. They know Latinos will vote for them in greater numbers than for Republicans. It’s 5 million now, another 10 million over the next couple years, and millions more are pouring over the border.

There’s a reason Latinos celebrate Cinco De Mayo in America. They are celebrating their takeover of the United States, not their victory over the French. You will see, this year, the holiday will take on a renewed spirit, a real sense of victory for them.

I’m not racist and I don’t have anything against Latinos, but this isn’t Mexico, it’s America. We are a melting pot not a nation to absorb South Americans only. People who come here are supposed to assimilate, not dominate.

I’m glad to see Republican leaders like Scott Walker and Ted Cruz have finally stepped forward. But it’s way too little and way too late. They are not going to be able to stem the tide of the Democrat efforts that have changed the fabric of this country forever.

Obama didn’t end this country in six years. He just put the final nails in the coffin, one that Democrats have been building for many years. They never wanted to work with Republicans, they wanted to get rid of them. Democrats look at conservatives as terrorists, evil people that must be removed from the controls of society. You can see this With the vicious attacks on Gov. Scott Walker, a man they believe isn’t intelligent enough to the president.

And remember, Democrats put pro-life people on the terrorist watchlist.

Liberals love to repeat the phrase “you can’t handle the truth!” They’re right. Conservative Republicans can’t handle the truth, they keep praying and believing something is going to change.

Democrats control our schools, our workers, our Internet, our guns, our lives. They believe people aren’t smart enough to function without their direction.

It’s going to get a whole lot worse before gets better. Until now, they haven’t succeeded in banning homeschools completely and they haven’t succeeded in taking away our guns, yet. When they achieve complete power though, they will muscle through everything they’ve been wanting to do.

Our criminal justice system is a mess, allowing millions of criminals on the streets, who prey on us while Democrats portray them as “victims of society.”

Not only have we been overrun by drugs, Democrats have made them legal now.

The steady drip drip drip of liberalism has almost completely overtaken our federal government and our state governments.

Democrats controlling government create new departments every five minutes, giving their friends and family members government jobs, while doing all they can to put down capitalist America.

Years ago, Christians rose up and saved America from disastrous policies. Today, thanks to the 501c3 tax policy, pastors / churches are afraid to speak out against the Democrats. They are afraid to lose their tax exemption.

Who created the 501c3 bribe, one that has silenced hundreds of thousands of churches nationwide? Democrats. Why did they create it? Because churches were stopping them from accomplishing their goals, their efforts to “fundamentally change America.”

Every day that goes by, Republicans will become more liberal, Democrats will become more Socialist.

Conservative states must secede from this Union. There is no other choice.