Live Video Tonight – Pro-Life Leader Bobby Franklin


If you live in the Washington D.C. area, you are welcome to come to a free event put on by the Institute on the Constitution known as First Friday. This event brings in leaders from around the country to speak on important issues facing America, such as abortion, immigration, the Constitution and more.

The speaker this month is a Pro-Life leader from Georgia. Representative Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta) will be talking about HB1, a Pro-Life bill he introduces every session. From the IOTC website:

He is especially dedicated to defending the Right to Life from conception to natural death. He continues to sponsor and vote for legislation to save the lives of unborn babies, protect women from exploitation by abortionists, and restore a culture of life in our state and nation.

Click here to go to the Institute on the Constitution home page {encode=”” title=”or here to Email them”} and request instructions on how you can watch this free, live Internet video broadcast