Watch “Whoopi Goldberg Questions Dr. Ben Carson on Women’s Issues | The View” on YouTube

Dr. Ben Carson defends the value of human life in the womb. Whoopi Goldberg, hard-core pro-abortion as usual, asks Dr. Carson “have you met with the women who have to make these horrendous decisions.”


Watch “How Do Syrian Women Feel about the Men Leaving for Europe as Refugees?” on YouTube

Be Christian or defend your family?


I’m not going to argue with Christian outreach, I get that. What people don’t understand is, many, if not most of these hundreds of thousands / millions, of “refugees” invading Europe are Muslims. Muslims want to imprint every country around the world with Islam. They aren’t interested in assimilating or becoming a part of the cultures of the different countries.


When Muslims were killed, Obama said “Nobody should be targeted for their faith”