“Climate Change Collapse Exposing Green Failure, Fraud, Deception”

Definition of fraud / hypocrite – See Democrat / liberal.

“Now, build the wall!”

“We’ve already done the first thing, we voted for President Trump. Now, build the wall!”

Dangerous Democrats have been hiding the statistics of the tens of thousands of Americans who have been raped and killed by illegal aliens. Many family members are coming together, demanding that Trump honor his promise to build a wall and protect us from these dangerous criminals.

Democrats are not looking out for American citizens. They are more concerned with bringing in Democrat-voting illegal aliens, regardless of the cost , crime and financial.

“Brexit: Why Britain Left the European Union”

I’m still stunned that so many people in Europe allow themselves to be controlled by the dictatorship known as the European Union.

You should think they would ask simple questions like “who elects the European Union leaders? Why is the European Union forcing us to take in countless “refugees?”

England voted to free themselves from the tyranny, yet liberals are trying to pretend they didn’t know what they were doing. They’re doing a new poll every week, pretending that if the English people knew the alternative facts that were supposedly hidden from them by everyone else, they never would have voted for Brexit.


Congress Should Use This To “Lock Her Up”

It’s unbelievable Hillary and Bill Clinton committed so many crimes, yet America just yawns. At least she didn’t make president, SO FAR!

Watch this video. For over an hour, you will shake your head in disgust.

There’s no doubt, Hillary and Bill Clinton are two of the most “privileged” people in the entire world.