Democrats Want To Dominate

Conservatives in America have little in common with the PSYCHOTIC DEMOCRATS who are RULING THE so called “UNITED STATES” today.

We want to coexist peacefully, they want to dominate.

We are incompatible and we must find a solution to separate from them!

All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter

Not long ago, Black lives matter was almost designated a terrorist group for chanting:

“What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!”

Their hateful rhetoric has increased & now they openly talk about killing people who don’t comply with their demands.

Freedom of speech is vanishing fast. Democrats control social media and if we say anything that angers our overlords they deperson us from our platforms.

The Democrat overlords demonetised my videos and they deleted one of my accounts, one that had 10,000 contacts which I established over the years. They wouldn’t tell me why even though I sent them repeated Email messages questioning their decision. They just told me I didn’t obey their rules, so I was no longer allowed on their platform.

I had to search through all of my posts over the previous weeks to try to figure out what might have offended the Democrat overlords the most.

I finally found it. I’m not going to repeat the post here, because even though this is my own website, I know the Democrat overlords have the power to deperson us anytime, anywhere.

Let’s just say I didn’t agree on their point of view about “transmissions” and how it should be tought to our children.

The new Voldemort in social media is Black lives matter. They accuse anyone who says “all lives matter” of being racist and they demand these offenders be removed from social media and that they lose their jobs. No one is allowed to challenge the new Voldemort!

ALL LIVES MATTER, including black lives, white lives and any other color!

And I mean that.

For over 40 years I’ve been fighting to save babies from abortion, all babies, including black babies. Since 1973, 1/4 of the black population has been erased by abortion. Over 15 million black babies have been killed by their mothers.

Seriously, if I’m racist, I’m not very good at it!

As usual, Tucker Carlson has plenty of good stuff to say. Check it out.

Democrats Attack Children’s Hospital

Democrats Attack Children’s Hospital

Democrat terrorists attacked a children’s hospital, causing a child being carried to her car to scream in panic.

They then threw bricks at the windows of the car with the child inside!

America, are you going to allow this country to devolve in this kind of crap!?


Democrats Are Exposed By The Riots

Democrats Are Exposed By The Riots

America is in flames & our leaders refuse to end it. Many of these police chiefs, mayors & governors are DEMOCRATS who SIDE WITH THE CRIMINAL THUGS. Their daughters actively participate & help the terrorists.

Republicans aren’t free and clear of the stupidity that we are witnessing right now. Nikki Haley, Former Republican governor of South Carolina had the gall to say: