Ashley Babbitt Was Murdered

Ashley Babbitt was murdered in cold blood. The modern-day “Boston massacre” has happened. The 21st-century great awakening has begun.

Democrats & never-Trumpers Consider Forcibly Removing Our President

I pray our United States military never turns into gutless cowards, obeying illegal/immoral orders of Democrat gutless, cowardly leaders who would turn our military on American citizens.

False Flag

Democrats sprinkled Antifa terrorists into the patriot march so they would instigate people into being violent. For the most part, they didn’t succeed. Patriots even tried to stop them, pulling them back from doing damage to the Capitol building.

Democrats are famous for false flags operation. How do you think they got us into Vietnam?

Goodbye Pence

Well, that’s it. I’m done with Mike Pence. He knows how much the Democrats cheated, yet he is still willing to give Biden the victory.