Remember the pre-election gloating?

Before the election, Democrats were celebrating Hillary’s “double digit, landslide” lead. 

Ohio Working Hard To End Abortion

The Ohio legislature passed a heartbeat bill, which will ban all abortions after 22 days, when the baby’s heart “begins to beat.”
 It’s encouraging to see efforts things like this move forward. For so many years, the pro-life movement has often been paralyzed. One pro-life organization would push to end all abortions, the other pro-life organization would fight against it, because they don’t believe all abortions should be ended. Then, the other pro-life organization would fight to end some abortions, and the other organization, the one who wants to end all abortions, would fight against their bill. What insanity!

I believe we should end all abortions, and this is a great start. Good job Ohio! 

 Read about the heartbeat bill at 

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Another Black Lives Matter Performance Ambush

Writing about a Black Lives Matter performance ambush recently,  Darrell Bernard Harrison wrote:


What they don’t tell you about the “supermoon”

​Okay, the supermoon hasn’t been this close to the earth in a long time, since 1948! It won’t be closer for another 18 years. But how much further away will it be tomorrow, or even next year? 

 Yesterday, the moon was 221,524 miles from the earth. On December 12, the next full moon, the moon will be 222,737 from the earth, only .5% farther. No, not 5%, .5%!

 The average distance of the moon from the earth is approximately 238,855 miles, approximately 14% farther. Now that is a big difference. But, that’s the average. 

 When the moon is closest to the earth, it’s called the perigee. When the earth and the moon are farthest apart, that’s called the apogee. Since the moon travels on an ellipse, every month the moon experiences an apogee and a perigee. In other words, every month the moon comes close to the earth and it also travels far away from the earth.

 What does this all mean? It means, on average, when the moon is at it’s closest point to the earth, the perigee, it’s not much farther away than when we experience a “supermoon!”

 So, why all the hype?!  Who knows. 

 On December 12, the next perigee full moon, you will not be able to tell the difference between that full moon and the full moon on November 14.

Happy moon watching!