“UNDERCOVER: Late-Term Abortion Clinics Exposed!”

Power tends to corrupt and Democrats with absolute power are corrupted absolutely.

To those of you who say there won’t be a Civil War, & to the rest of you who say states won’t secede from the union, you have no understanding of reality.

Democrats are bullies, & in 2024, when the federal takeover is complete, you will see how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I pray we have a peaceful secession.

Crazy eyes Cortez Getting A Big Marketing Boost From Republicans & Conservatives

Republicans and conservatives are doing crazy eyes Cortez a big favor by using AOC instead of her name. She registered @AOC on Twitter and requested that people communicate with her using those initials.

So why are Republicans and conservatives helping her? Is it just lazy writing? You folks can’t be bothered with writing her full name, or just Cortez, or crazy eyes Cortez?

Every time you say A/O/C in your newsfeed or in your articles you’re doing her a favor. You’re helping spread her brand.

I was listening to one guy who was doing a great rant against crazy eyes Cortez, justifiably attacking her on all her psychotic policies. By the time he was done with the 17 minute video, he said A/O/C 20 times!

If you folks keep up with this, you might as well just send her campaign money. You’re helping her get more famous and reelected as it is.

The Saint – More Catholic Bashing

In the movie The Saint, the woman says to Simon “Saintly courage. You really are a Templar.” To which close captioning shows [Simon chuckles] then responds with:

“Templars are nothing but a boys own bedtime story of medieval knights gone bad.”

Really? “Medieval knights gone bad?” Knights Templar were wealthy men who risked everything to fight the Muslims who were trying to conquer the world. The knights paid for everything themselves, including their food, horses, Squiers and more.

As usual, Democrat movie makers show us how lazy, anti-Christian & anti-Catholic they really are.