Planned Parenthood Is Now Embracing Abortion (Baby-Killing)

PLANNED PARENTHOOD “has performed more than 8 MILLION estimated ABORTIONS since 1970. To put that in context, A DECIMATED NEW YORK CITY.”

Imagine, $616.8 MILLION of our tax dollars finance this baby-killing organization every single year, under Democrat AND Republican administrations.

America is one of four countries in the entire world that allows child killing through all 9 months, all the way until the moment of delivery. The others are China, North Korea and Canada.

It used to be that Planned Murderhood tried to cover up the abortion part of their business. They were afraid if people understood how brutal they are, they might lose some of that cherry pie they’ve been enjoying for so many years.

Not anymore.

Corrupt Democrat-controlled FBI Helping Biden Win

The “Federal Bureau of I Help Democrats Win Elections” is illegally sending ballots to be shredded, even though the ballots are legally supposed to be preserved for election integrity. Since when does the FBI step in & help a political party win elections?

Prayers to the family of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

Prayers go out to the family of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. Unlike Democrats, we don’t wish injury or death on people we disagree with.

President Trump, Grow A Pair

President Trump, we would’ve fought the devil himself for you, yet you capitulated to the Democrat tyrants, condemning us for a few broken windows, which were probably broken by Democrat infiltrators.

You and your Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, probably watched the same fake news you regularly condemn to come up with your comments about “violence and lawlessness and mayhem.”

Patriots didn’t beat anyone up, we didn’t burn any buildings down & there was no violence. Yes, we were angry because we know Democrats stole the election from you, and that’s why we gathered by the hundreds of thousands, for you.

Instead of standing up for us, people who traveled thousands of miles to stand for you, you threw us under the bus for the Democrats, in front of the world.

Now, you dare to say to us “This moment calls for healing and reconciliation.”


If Democrats stole the presidency of the United States, the Senate, the House and are going to pack the United States Supreme Court with additional justices so they can take it over, why does this moment call for “healing and reconciliation?”

Shame on you.

President Trump, I never thought I’d have to say this to you.

Grow a pair.