“Infowars Reporter Harassed And Bullied At March For Our Lives”

God bless you Owen for going into the belly of the beast!

They call this event “March For our Lives,” yet they are the ones responsible for abortion, which has resulted in the death of 65+ million people.

One of the signs at the DC March:

So, are you claiming your student has a right to life? Why doesn’t your student have a right to life in the womb? After all, you demand the right to kill children in the womb through abortion.

The Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. “It just does!”

Democrats appropriated the name of their event from the annual pro-life event “March for Life,” which takes place in Washington DC.

Notice the Democrat event has the selfish title March for “OUR” Lives, whereas the pro-life community marches for those who cannot speak for themselves, pre-born humans.

“Organizers of the event told the kids not to talk to anyone.” This is typical. I’ve filmed and photographed many events, and my experience with Democrats is that they refuse to communicate with anyone who is not liberal media. The reason is, they don’t want anyone who doesn’t understand why they are there to speak to media. They know those people will be ridiculed.

DEMOCRATS are angry, violent people, who, ironically, WILL USE GUNS TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS


The next video is Millie at the DC March, doing a great job standing up to the liberals there.


Another one

Why Did Planned Parenthood Publicly Sign On With March For Our Lives?

Democrats intentionally appropriated “March For Our Lives” for their pro-abortion, anti-gun event,
to confuse people with the annual pro-life MARCH FOR LIFE event.

How Do Democrats Dispose Of Murdered, Aborted Humans?

“Satan laughing, spreads his wings.” HOW DO DEMOCRATS DISPOSE OF MURDERED, ABORTED HUMANS? They sell body parts, they incinerate them, they grind them up in disposals, they throw them away in dumpsters and they sell complete bodies.

And while Satan is laughing, murdering over 43 million humans by abortion every single year, what are Christians doing?


“European Parliament on Right-Wingers Banned From UK”

Lauren Southern gets her “day in court.” She was given the opportunity to tell her side of the story, how England will ban anyone speaking against Islam, but not people who speak against Christianity.