No Vaccines For Our Border Patrol?

Our front line warriors on America’s southern border put their lives on the line defending us from drug cartels, kidnappers & gangs, yet, as Texas Governor Abbott says, “the Biden administration will not provide the border patrol with the vaccinations they need!”

“Madam Speaker, tear down this wall.“

Lauren Boebert is saying what needs to be said. Why should Democrats build a fence around the Capitol to protect themselves from the American people, while denying the fence on our southern border which protects the American people?


H.R. 1 – The End Of America

We have criminals in charge of government. We call them “politicians.” First they stole the presidency, now they want to steal all future elections across America.

Will the American people continue to sit on their hands and ignore the Democrat mafia?


Democrats Push To End The Second Amendment

Democrats know to achieve absolute power without resistance means they have to get rid of the Second Amendment. There are almost 400 million weapons owned by millions of Americans. They are now pushing forward with their effort to take them away from us.

Our Second Amendment is there to protect us from tyrants. What do we do Democrat tyrants submit laws that will take away our Second Amendment?

Democrats are going all in with their new gun control effort.

“Combined, the bills call for licensing of all gun owners, psychological evaluations for gun owners, mandatory liability insurance for gun owners, the registration of all firearms, the registration of all ammunition, and a seven-day waiting period on all semiautomatic firearms purchases, among other things.”