Katie Bouman IS NOT Responsible For The Black Hole Picture

“Katie Bouman IS NOT responsible for the black hole picture. Saying that isn’t sexist, it’s reality.”

The Bullied Have Become The Bullies

At the moment, we are only threatened with our jobs if we don’t comply with homosexual indoctrination. Soon, Democrats/liberals will stick rifles in our faces and demand compliance.

Remember, all scientists and psychologists agree, there is no “gay gene.”

The bullied have become the bullies.

Is A Human Baby A Parasite?

Female protestor says baby “acts a parasitic animal?” Kaitlin asks “what class are you taking that tells you that?”

“Pride Month Is Child Abuse”

There’s no doubt, “Pride Month” is child abuse.

There’s a difference between accepting people for who they are, and allowing homosexuals to indoctrinate our children.

Since there is no “gay gene,” obviously, HOMOSEXUALITY IS LEARNED BEHAVIOR.