“Grand Solar Minimum” Goes Mainstream — “Narrative Shift Complete!”

Even the democrat-controlled media is now admitting what everyone around the world is already experiencing. The world is getting colder❄!

Does Your Pastor Defend The Pre-Born?

One big reason for abortion, the intentional slaughter of 43 MILLION babies every year is because of the silence of the church on “politics.” Pastors are afraid of rallying their congregations against this horrible sin, because they know many in their congregation have done it, and/or support it, and the pastor is afraid they might turn against the church if he becomes vocal.

Pastor, many men and women are looking to you for leadership. Seventy three percent of women who have had abortions call themselves Christian. Help the congregation avoid abortion. Help the congregation end abortion.

I have a lot of information on this at Cherish Life Ministries, including hundreds of videos and interviews. Please watch my main video, Pastor’s Letter. You will see why.


I’m blessed that my pastor and church defend the Pre-Born, and they vocally support my efforts to end abortion. Because of their brave stance on this difficult topic, members of the congregation are more likely to defend the Pre-Born, and they are more likely to deliver their children into the world.


After Trump, let’s elect Trump Jr!

Donald Trump Jr Speaks At The Conservative College Student Action Summit 2018


Unfortunately, “the government” doesn’t allow incarceration of their own. They routinely commit crimes that would send ordinary Americans to jail. This is America’s version of a monarchy. They are royalty, we are peasants.

Unless the upper level FBI bureaucrats are fired and/or arrested, the farce of “fair elections” will continue.

“The memo” exposes the deep state criminal politicians. They manipulate language to get whatever they want.

Until now, it was primarily good vs evil, Republicans vs #CrookedDemocrats. Because Republicans are becoming pro-abortion, establishment politicians, it won’t be long until their party is just as bad.