“Being Erica”

“Being Erica” TV show is a great example of Democrat behavior. No stability, dominating, sleeps around, not serious & the “crazy” aunt. Erica is a busy-body, controlling, annoying person, who can’t be happy unless she gets her way, mostly at the expense of everyone in her life.


Election 2018 – Democrats Cheating Again

DEMOCRATS have been repeatedly caught LYING AND CHEATING. Why does the Republican party so often turn their backs on their crimes, rather than arresting them? “CROOKED COUNTY EMPLOYEES CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF CREATING BALLOTS!!”

Watch “TRUMP DEFENDED ME!” on YouTube

DEMOCRATS, the same people who lied about Kavanaugh raping women and the same people who are lying about the video being “doctored,” ARE the CRIMINALS in charge with counting votes in Florida and elsewhere.
Reality – Democrats are lying criminals.