Lies Injustice and the Russian Way

Conservatives & other people who believe in freedom are manipulated by THE DEMOCRAT-controlled social and regular MEDIA. This IS WORSE THAN RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. They were communist!

I’m stunned that pro-life people are now pro-abortion because of them. How are good people so easily manipulated by evil?

Democrats believe they can rule over all Americans just by stealing control of our political system. At least half of America will not put up with that. This is why Democrats want to remove our first and second Amendments.

They can’t allow Americans to speak the truth and they certainly can’t allow Americans to defend themselves. This nation will split. That is a 100% reality. How soon and how we split are the only questions.

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KAMALA HARRIS LIED about “honest Abe” and the Supreme Court

CrookedDemocrats will stop at nothing to win the presidency.

My interview with PRO-LIFE Vice President Pence

Yes, Biden Wants To End Fracking And American Oil

Liar Kamala Harris says Joe Biden never said he would not end fracking. Oops, there is a video of Biden proving her lies. Yes, Biden said “NO more, no new fracking.” Adding: “We would work it out, make sure it’s eliminated.”