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Pastor, This Is Your Time



In the history of the world, there have been many events where mankind stood up to stop the persecution of defenseless people. Two such events, which most people know about, are the persecution of the Jews, and the persecution of Africans.

Most people don’t know, the slave trade is alive and well today, in the 21st-century. Africans and other races of people, are still kidnapped and forced into slavery in various countries. Children and women are also targets of slavery. That’s a topic for another day. My purpose of this discussion is to look at how we, as moral human beings, confront what we know is apprehensible.


Video – Ted Cruz – Defend the Right to Life

Ted Cruz takes a few minutes to explain to us how he feels about abortion. I have to admit, he has some powerful statements, but I’ve said it before, talk is cheap.

No Republican president since Roe vs Wade has done anything to end abortion. George W. Bush had a Republican Congress, yet nothing was done to end abortion. Again, talk is cheap.

Ted Cruz brings up Ronald Reagan, another president who made many promises, but never delivered.

Ted Cruz sounds like a great candidate. This time around, we have a number of Republicans who are running for president who would be good leaders to represent the pre-born / unborn, if all they had to do was talk about abortion.

We have to do two things. One, vote for for pro-life representatives, at least people who claim they are pro-life. Two, after they are elected, we have to demand they do what they promised they were going to do. We can’t just push the button and walk away.


How the media use debates to eliminate candidates they don’t like


In the first debate, Fox News made it their goal to eliminate conservative candidates. Right out of the gate, Megyn Kelly let Donald Trump have it with both barrels. Her main attack with him was:

“Why are you such an evil pig to women? I wouldn’t elect you, if you were the last man standing on earth!”


Monica Crowley, PhD, defending the pre-born


@MonicaCrowley, @FOXNews contributor and Nomiki Konst, The accountability Project founder were on the O’Reilly factor last night. I have to say, Monica made some great points on the life issues.