Prisoner release because of Iran deal?


USA Today tries to give the appearance that the prisoner release was because of the Iran deal. That is so far from the truth. Their opening paragraph reads:


Call for Life Friday September 4th!


Tomorrow, September 4 is the Monthly Call for Life. Join people all across the nation as we speak for the pre-born, those who cannot speak for themselves.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed by a Congress who knew it was time for change. Now, we must demand that Congress ends abortion!

Or course you can pray for life as well at!

Go to for more information!

Democrats are dangerous for Israel

the algemeiner reports

The (Obama) agreement will lead to a “stronger and wealthier Iran in the coming phase (that) will be able to stand by its allies [Hezbollah], and especially the Palestinian resistance [Hamas], more than at any other time in history.”

Because of Obama’s ignorant, naïve “negotiations” with Iran, Israel faces countless new and old dangers.


Democrats, Babies and Nuclear Iran

Think about it. A woman cut a human baby out of another woman so she could steal her child, but Colorado doesn’t acknowledge babies in the womb as humans. The baby died, so she will probably get away with murder.


It’s hard to believe Democrats play the game “it’s not a human until it’s born.”

It’s harder to believe Republicans haven’t exposed the Democrat party for the delusional, dangerous children they are, who refuse to accept reality when it comes to burglars terrorists and babies.

Let’s get into some logic here. Democrats, turn away now, you might get a headache.