Remember the pre-election gloating?

Before the election, Democrats were celebrating Hillary’s “double digit, landslide” lead. 

“Gowdy and Chaffetz Team Up to Destroy FBI Comey”

I’m glad to see people, like Comey, are being challenged, my question is, when will the criminals, including Hillary Clinton, be arrested?

Hillary’s health? As usual, nothing to see here.

 The BBC, also known as another branch of CNN (Clinton News Network) ran the headline “Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia.” The photo they used was a smiling Hillary waving to the cameras. The article is just as misleading as the photograph and headline.

 First of all, the video they display states that “Footage has captured Hillary Clinton appearing to stumble.” 


So many Democrat criminals, yet no Republicans can lock them up

Republicans, wake up! FBI Director Comey and Hillary Clinton should both be wearing iron bracelets, behind bars.