America didn’t self-destruct after the Civil War

What commonly happens after a Civil War is the nation who fought one, typically, gets embroiled in hatred and violence for many, many years to come. it’s understandable, after all, brother against brother violence like that is hard to get over. The American Civil War was a little different though.

Can we hire Terminix to fight ISIS?

I just saw this ad for Terminix, and I gotta tell ya, wow, I wish these people would fight our wars.

Here’s the ad, and for greater effect, go to YouTube and play “You got another thing coming” in the background. This is the song they used.

We fight a war against spiders, roaches and every foul pest that haunts your home. And we won’t stop until we’ve killed every last one, until you’re certain they’re gone for good.

Our arsenal is a formidable one. An army of 8000 professionals, 85 years of experience and the strongest guarantee in the business. It’s not exactly a fair fight.

Not here, not now, not in my house.


Can we please get the president of Terminix to take over for Obama as commander-in-chief? If we can afford him, how about the CEO of RAID?