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Some Things Democrats And Republicans Agree On

“96% of biologists agree human life begins at conception.”

Trump Is No Conservative

I voted for Trump, I support Trump & I will vote for Trump again. Unfortunately, President Trump isn’t a conservative. He refuses to end abortion. He refuses to end Obamacare and he not only refuses to defend the Second Amendment, he is working against it!

“The Aeronauts” is Rewriting History

This is why we can’t trust Democrats with our children. They have no interest in the truth, and they will push their liberal pro-female, pro-homosexual agenda, whenever and wherever possible.

First of all, look at the photograph. The woman is not only sitting above the man, she is also the “brave” person.


All Republicans and Conservatives are “Racist, White Supremacist, Gun-Carrying Nazis.”

When will American citizens get sick and tired of Democrats calling them “racist, white supremacist, gun carrying Nazis?”

WAKE UP, they’re not talking about someone else, they’re talking about you!