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The CHURCH is DYING: Pro-Abortion Clergy Worshipping At The Feet Of Moloch

​From Freedom Fighter Times

Western society is divided on basic issues of morality such as abortion. We have come to expect Christians to defend the sanctity of life in a society that allows abortion.

The Church has been an advocate for the rights of children and a fierce opponent of anti-life policies, but there are now several pro-abortion protestant clergy who are making headlines.

The irony of a Christian minister that advocates for the killing of the unborn is lost on these individuals who preach God’s love in the same breath that they praise the rights of women to choose to end the lives of their unborn children.

 Watch the video or click here to continue at Freedom Fighter Times.

Priceless – Obama Is Voting For TRUMP!

Malik OBAMA says Barack got “sucked into that matrix,” disappointed in the president, “VOTING FOR TRUMP”  

“Trey Gowdy Shocks MSNBC ‘Hillary’s State Department Responsible For Chris Stevens Death In Benghazi'” 

Trey Gowdy is becoming my favorite politician!

“The Trump Family That I Know”

The mainstream media, along with Fox News, will have us believe Donald Trump is a woman groping ogre. Lynne Patton, a Trump executive, tells us a different story.