Videos – External

These are videos that we didn’t produce or weren’t a part of.

Mark Dice – “Facebook Removed My Post Denouncing Racism Against White People !!!”

“White people, the only race you can legally discriminate against.” 

“ZEICHEN der ZEIT ? (Sign of the Times?)

German “Sign of the Times.” Mostly music, easy to understand just by watching. 
 At the end she says, “It seems like half the world has become totally insane, while the majority of the other half watches, and lets it happen.”

So many Democrat criminals, yet no Republicans can lock them up

Republicans, wake up! FBI Director Comey and Hillary Clinton should both be wearing iron bracelets, behind bars. 


From the Conservative Daily Article:
 “This is not a drill. The Obama administration just implemented a new regulatory change that has sent the entire firearms industry into a tailspin overnight.”

 I just can’t Democrats, people who claim to be so intelligent, vote for political leaders who are doing their best to get rid of the Second Amendment in the United States of America.